New Social Networking Site Lets Users Video Chat with Celebrities

Updated October 6, 2023

New millennial generation celebrities are playing by a different rule book than their older long established counterparts.  Social media has become a central part of how celebrities connect with their fan base.  This year’s Forbes list of the top 100 celebrities begins to show how the new school of celebrity connectivity through social media is beginning to make a big difference in the popularity and influence of the entertainment world.  Young entertainers such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are all using their influence and savvy in social media to grow their fan base, and pocket books, at an unprecedented rate around the globe.  Last year only four millennial generation celebrities made the top ten in Forbes Top 100 Celebrity List.  This year, 2012, six millennial generation celebrities have made the top 10 and several more are quickly rising in rank and overshadowing their older peers.

Young celebrities are more open about their private lives than ever before, and much of their success stems from a life connected to social media that is “always on”.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook have been instrumental in bringing fans and celebrities together in ways not before possible.

The newest social media tool that young people and many celebrities are taking advantage of is online video chat.  Many up and coming entertainers are finding great success in connecting directly with their fan base over video chat sessions.  Contestants from the NBC reality music show The Voice found overwhelming success earlier this year through the use of video chat tools coupled with crowd sourced Kickstarter projects.  These celebrities were able to connect directly with their fans, broadcasting live club shows and behind the scenes intimate acoustic engagements.  As a result, many such as Jordis Unger were flooded by donations to their Kickstarter initiatives.  Similarly this year, the indie alternative music artist Amanda Palmer became one of the first artists to exceed one million dollars in Kickstarter funds.  This was due to her huge following through several social media outlets.

At the end of this summer, a new site called launched that promises to make this social media connectivity even more easy and fun for up and coming celebrities and their fans to take advantage of.  Celebstir promotes rising talent and their fans to connect with each other through video chat sessions and share ideas.  The site does not just focus on one kind of artistic outlet, like music, but also includes artists from the visual arts such as photography and painting, designers, dancers, comedians and actors.  The site also encourages other celebrities to get involved and has categories for athletics and modeling.

The way the site works is that each celebrity who gains a certain amount of activity on their profile will generate a “stir”.  The more stirs a celebrity generates, the more likely it is that they will be featured on the front page.  The front page is a powerful marketing tool for the users of the site as it features trending artists and categories.  Users can also search for celebrities by zip code if they wish to find local celebrities from their home town.

The site opened on August 9, 2012 and kicked off with an appearance by Farra Abraham from MTV’s Teen Mom reality show.  In September, the site is featuring comedian Kel Mitchell from the TV show All That and the movie Good Burger.

Not only does Celebstir help celebrities to gain popularity and notoriety in the social media space, but it is also an excellent form of information sharing with fans, as these interactions can often become a source of new ideas.

Author Bio:- Jason Phillips has written this article. He is a guest blogger and writes articles on technology and social media. Apart from that, he also work out at gym as he is health conscious person and have video chat with his friends.

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