6 Instagram Rules Every Business Must Know

Updated October 6, 2023

Instagram Rules Every Business Must Know

A highly targeted visual platform “Instagram” was created in the year 2010, and then in the year, 2012 Facebook bought it for $1 billion. It is a popular Social Media platform that has over 150 million active users. The users capture, customize and share pictures and videos on Instagram. According to many people, it is nothing more than a platform to upload selfies, share the food images or the beautiful scene of sunset.  Yeah, it is a photo sharing app, but the fact is that Instagram is a growing platform that the businesses should use without being afraid of anything. Check out Social10x to grow your instagram followers.

Create a business Instagram account:

Instagram is primarily a mobile app however you can view it on your desktop as well. If you want to use Instagram for business purposes, then create a business Instagram account. Keep your personal account separate from your business account. Once you have made your business Instagram account, then you will be able to get or buy real Instagram Followers by posting content that shows what your business is all about.  You are a newbie; you may not be aware of many things on Instagram. To harness the power of Instagram, you should be well aware of what the rules of using Instagram are and what features it offers to the businesses.

Let’s now discuss Instagram rules every business should know:

1:- Complete your profile:

Your profile will reveal who you are and what you sell. It is the best place to leave a positive first impression. You need to fill in all the sections of your profile so that the potential Instagram Followers know more about your brand. Leave a link to your website, Facebook, a Twitter page in your profile. An incomplete profile does not leave a pleasant impression so, be careful.

2:- Do not run illegal contests:

Instagram is a great platform that gives exposure to your business. Running contests on Instagram is a superb way to get more and more followers. You offer giveaways to the users that motivate them to take part in but do not run any illegal contests. For example, you cannot run a contest that is related to drugs, etc. Make sure that your contest is according to the rules and regulation of your country and state.

3:- Use live videos:

The days had gone when people only used to have the option of TV and newspaper advertisement. Digital marketing is the reality of the 21st century. Social Media now a day gives you a chance to connect directly with your customers. Go live frequently to directly interact with the followers and provide a sneak-peak of your upcoming surprises.

4:- Do not post too much:

Post consistency matters a lot, but it does not mean you should fill your feed with unnecessary uploads. Instagram does not favor bots and spammers. It prefers real human posters so, make sure you post regularly. You can schedule the posts that enable you to upload content automatically on a set time.

5:- Make posts related to your brands:

Always make posts that relate to your brand. It is tempting to upload selfies of sunset or the delicious food you ate at a restaurant. But if it has nothing to do with your business then posting such content can make your look disjointed. Do not make your followers confused.

6:- Respond to other comments:

The comments you get on your Instagram posts show what people are linking and what they are not. If you get any negative feedback, then handle it nicely. Don’t be rude with anyone on Instagram and respond to their input in the best possible way.

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