Kickstart a Rewarding Career with Angular 6 Training

Updated October 6, 2023

Angular 6 Training

Angular is very popular for its robustness as well as for its dynamic nature. Angular is a framework backed up by Google, and it is a JavaScript-based framework. This framework is mainly popular for developing SPA or Single page applications. This is an open source framework.

When it comes to the development of dynamic applications, Angular is the great choice among all the frameworks available today. This is because developers think the features offered by angular are best suitable for dynamic application creation like binding and dependency injection. By using these features, developers can create the application with less amount of code.

Through Angular JS training offered by Zeolearn, students can get familiar with the fundamentals and advanced features of this framework. After successful completion of the course, the students will be able to develop SPA applications. They can also achieve faster ROI through development using angular, and they can bring in a lower cost for development and maintenance. Faster accessibility is the one more important thing which can be achieved through development using the angular framework.

Angular 6 training:

Students who take up this course on Angular offered by Zeolearn will learn

  • How this framework stands different among all the other and traditional frameworks mainly used for web development
  • They will learn about ES6 and TypeScript, and they will use these languages for application development
  • Students are made to develop applications in this framework from scratch
  • The course also covers the best practices involved in architecture and development of applications in angular
  • The course covers features like forms, dependency injection, routing, and observables in Angular
  • After successful completion of the Angular JS course, students will be able to perform the update, delete, and retrieve operations in Http services
  • Students will perform unit testing of the parts in the angular application like modules, components, services, and pipes
  • The course covers the usage of CLI required for building, deploying angular applications


The main and only prerequisite for this course, is experience in developing the applications using JavaScript. If a candidate has no experience in JavaScript development and is interested in learning Angular, the institute provides extra classes on JavaScript. 2-3 intensive classes are conducted for these students so that they may move on to learning the Angular framework.

Angular 6 Course structure:

  • There will be 20 hours of training on angular which is instructor-led and very interactive
  • This course aims to cover the three versions of angular that is 5, 4, and 2
  • The course focuses on covering both the advanced and fundamental features of angular 6
  • Every student will be involved in the actual development cycle, and hence once they complete this course, they will be able to develop applications on their own

Why Zeolearn?

There are many benefits of joining Zeolearn for courses. Some of them are

  • All the classes are live, and they make sure that the sessions are interactive. If a student comes up with a doubt the instructors clarify it through discussions. Students can also interact and engage in discussions with other participants
  • This is the best chance to understand and use the collaborative medium for learning, and sharing knowledge
  • Through actual projects, students are made to understand the concepts, and they can also practice more through assignments

It will be easy for the students to gain complete theoretical and practical knowledge of the concepts through the courses offered by the institute. These courses aim to make learning simple through discussions, live classes, and interactive learning methods. Since every concept is made understood through practical coding, students can develop their own applications once they complete this course on angular.

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