What You Need to Know About a Career in Management

Updated October 6, 2023

When you’re looking at taking the next step on the career ladder, stepping into a managerial role might seem like the obvious progression. Whatever your field or industry, management skills are always in demand, and if you’re a skilled and talented individual, this might be an ideal way to further your professional goals.

There is a lot more to working in management than being the boss, however. Read on to find out more before you decide if it is the right step for you.

There are several types of management roles

A management role can be diverse and varied, depending on the size of the organization you are working in, your industry, and many other factors. A management position may start off as a supervisor, who is more involved in the front line of activities, working with operational staff and responsible for a variety of activities, from training and coaching, to hiring and more.

Beyond the supervisor, there may also be further managers who oversee various functions of the organization, and who the supervisors may need to report to. Their role may be focused more on managing and assessing the performance and productivity of a team. Above them, you may find senior management positions such as directors of particular departments, right up to vice president roles. The advantage of stepping into a career in management and investing in an MS in management online is that there is a wide scope for your future career, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy ahead.

Your role will impact the organization in a major way

If you are ready to make major changes and shifts in your organization or industry, then stepping into management is an ideal way to gain a stronger voice for your visions and ideas. As a manager you will often be given the responsibility to take care of a team or department, and involved in establishing strategies and decisions for the future. This requires an ability to lead others well, make thoughtful decisions, understand budgeting requirements and anticipate the impact of your actions.

You will also find yourself working with a more diverse range of people from across the board. For some, this can be an intimidating prospect, but for determined managers, this can be a great chance to learn more about the company and its many moving parts.

You will have to juggle a lot of challenges

With more responsibility, you will naturally have to cope with a greater variety of challenges coming from all directions. As a manager, you will be expected to listen and resolve problems for a variety of people. This requires the ability to both guide and direct others, but also recognize when you need to listen and take input from staff who may have more direct experience with an issue that you. The challenges you face will also often come with greater risks, so you’ll need to know how to weigh up everything carefully.

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