Key Ways the New IoT is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

Updated October 6, 2023

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Modern life is all about forging those digital connections. With the IoT, we are connected to numerous devices and data outlets at all times. The sheer amount of data generated from each of these devices surges with each passing year. While this may not necessarily be good news for those looking for a bit of privacy, it is great for marketers. The reason? Digital marketing teams can use this data to create insights into who their customers are. Suddenly, a marketing team can capture customer patterns and interactions. They can even predict behavior and lifestyle changes. In the digital marketing landscape, the IoT is paramount in collecting this data. Let’s look at a few key ways the IoT is changing the digital marketing landscape for good.

Profound Personalization

The IoT has the capacity to truly unlock a customer’s most private lifestyle choices for you. From alarm-clocks to smart-speakers and even coffeemakers, each of these smart devices can divulge an impactful amount of data on customer choices. This data enables marketing teams to use that valuable information to enrich customer experiences and deliver contextual messages in a real-time capacity. For example, if a customer is a true coffee enthusiast, they can be offered a discount at a nearby cafe during work hours. With IoT solution and services, the options for customer personalization are endless.

Lightning Fast Service

Modern shoppers, specifically tech-savvy millennials, crave lightning-fast service and instant gratification. It is the reason why so many old-school businesses feel a crushing blow from millennial shoppers. Unlike consumers of the past, these consumers want instant and easy access to the information/products/services they want at the moment the thought enters their heads. Even a slight delay can mean losing these customers indefinitely.  This is where IoT offers profound solutions. Let’s think about IoT devices in the future. In this example, we’ll talk about smart refrigerators. A smart fridge can alert its family or owner when the refrigerator is running out of milk. In the near future, this fridge will order that milk itself to make sure it is there in time for breakfast the next morning.

Endless Opportunities to Advertise

In digital marketing, the capacity to advertise and reach new consumers is essential. With the IoT, most devices are able to connect to the internet. This offers a plethora of new advertising opportunities as suddenly any object can be utilized as a means to engage with consumers. For example, all of a sudden your washing machine could advertise for a specific fabric softener. The same goes for in-console car entertainment systems. When a driver settles in to begin their commute, advertisers can easily reach consumers right through the console itself. Suddenly, opportunities are everywhere.

Real-Time Analytics

Nothing is more profound than the amount of data generated by the IoT. This data helps feed learning algorithms which are key in predictive analytics. With more IoT devices come multiple touch-points able to acquire new data and track customer behaviors. This enables digital marketing teams to identify which customers will be most responsive to a given campaign or trend. This will eventually impact the buying decisions of each customer is reached. With integrated IoT analytics, discovering how a customer will react to disparate advertising engagements is no longer a shot in the dark.

Invested Smart Platforms

Given that the IoT collects astronomical amounts of data, there must be a way to harness that data in order to use it to its full potential. This means investing in more intelligent smart platforms and technology stacks. Each of these can handle the vast amount of data and deliver the right messages to digital marketing teams to learn from those results. Every successful digital marketing platform will need to invest in these platforms in order to analyze, digest, and act on the profound amount of data being delivered right to their door.

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