Increase Efficiency With An Order Management System

Updated October 6, 2023

Business Intelligence

As B2B competition increases, making sure you run your business as effectively as possible is becoming critical. An order management system will help you do just that, resulting in more customer meetings, more orders, and increased customer satisfaction and retention, boosting sales over the long term.

The best way to think of order management is as an ‘ecosystem’ that involves everything to do with taking and fulfilling orders. The ecosystem includes many related functions that all have to be working together in order for the order management process to go smoothly. Let’s look at the benefits of using one.

Streamline the order writing process

Automating the order writing process is the easiest way to speed up the fulfillment process, which in turn will accelerate cash flow, build trust with customers, and nurture more sales in the future.

Order management software will enable you to apply customer specific payment terms and discounts automatically or quickly add a one-time payment.

In addition, you can sync directly from the field to your back office, so you don’t need to input the same thing twice and with offline access you can still browse the catalog and customer list and write orders even without wifi.

Sell more with an e-catalog

Paper catalogs are out. Using an e-catalog is a much more efficient – and modern – way of showing off your inventory. Having electronic access to your product line allows you to maximize your time with a customer and empowers them to interact themselves with your product line.

An order management system means selling more strategically and saving the time you may have previously spent calling your customer service team to see whether an item was in stock. When you can see that you are low on some items, it’s easy to steer customers in a different direction avoiding delayed delivery and payments due.

More opportunities to upsell

When you know what your customer is ordering and how often, you’re in a great position to upsell. Having the data at your fingertips means you can make informed suggestions for new products, suggest a similar product of higher quality and more. Sales reps armed with this essential data are transformed into strategic advisors, controlling the direction of the conversation and becoming a business consultant.

Bring everything together

It can be very difficult to get a handle on all the processes and players involved with order management, which is why it is important to use an integrated approach to process improvements. Integrating your back-end software with your sales order management system is critical as it brings all the disjointed information together under one platform.

You need to monitor how your company is utilizing industry best practices. By eliminating manual or redundant processes you will decrease excess costs and increase the accuracy of your whole sales process.

Using an order management system to build a more efficient sales team will lead to a much better experience for your customers, and more sales and bigger profits down the road.

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