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Updated October 6, 2023

A knowledge base is an online portal used to store information by a computerized system. This online library is used worldwide and can include data on a multitude of topics, ranging from product documentation, user guides, legal documents to user manuals, standard operating procedure and it can be used as an internal knowledge base. You can use it to create, store and share knowledge while organizing information into different categories.

Nowadays, people prefer to solve their queries instantly with a self-service knowledge base. With an effective knowledge base, you can provide instant answers to the frequently asked queries by your customers. This helps reducing customer support tickets, bring down customer support costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

A knowledge base works essentially by providing pertinent information and solutions to users for a specific search or query. Contributors with expertise in various genres add to this knowledge base by curating articles and sharing details of subjects that are then be stored in one place, making it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Knowledge bases can be either public or private and are structured in different ways depending on the target audience of your company profile. Some include the use of artificial intelligence, where the software itself can respond to a user query, whereas others are designed as an integrated online database or indexed encyclopedia where content is stored.

Is it worth investing in a self-service knowledge base? (Benefits)

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, companies are looking for faster solutions to connect with employees, other industries as well as consumers. A self-service knowledge base provides faster and standardized information and ensures efficient service and consistency.

A detailed knowledge base proves to be beneficial for all industries due to its sheer capacity to store information and accessibility across the board. A well-managed and updated system ensures that employees have all the information they need in one place without having to make multiple calls or respond to emails.

Your portal could include training manuals, troubleshooting queries, company policies, approvals, and important notices that are virtually available for all to read it online.The same goes for consumers who have all their queries regarding a product or service answered with just one click, without the need to request further services. This eventually saves everyone’s time, creates a more professional environment, and improves productivity as well.

By investing in a self-service knowledge base, you open up avenues of information for yourself, peers, and customers.

About Document360

Document360 is a software as a service (Saas) platform that helps you create a self-service knowledge base. With this platform, you and other users have access to information through the internet without needing any other software or hardware.

Document360 was created primarily due to the need for an in-depth knowledge base regarding products and services without the hassle of sifting through incomplete information or managing different categories. This resulted in a platform that provides accurate knowledge and also gives users the option of real-time search, a feature that makes it stand out from other SaaS platform providers.

It is an empowering tool for not only organizations but employees, editors, writers, and consumers as well. This is because it offers various knowledge base options where you can produce and manage your content, and consumers can benefit from the information made available.

In addition to this, Document360 is fairly easy to use and navigate. When you sign up for the platform, you have 4 different plans to choose from, depending on your business model and how much storage you require.

Plus, if you want to get acquainted with the platform before making your final decision, you can always opt for the 14-day free trial and get full access to all that Document360 has to offer.

Outstanding features and advantages of Document360

Document360 is trusted by many top brands, including Microsoft, because of its unique features. This outstanding SaaS platform provides five key uses for knowledge base systems.

The first is a Knowledge Base Portal that is designed keeping in mind the needs of editors, content writers, and reviewers. If you fall in this category, then you are going to benefit from easy content management and advanced editing features like markdown editor and WYSIWYG editor which is What you see is what you get. Both the editors are comfortable and let you add images, links, videos, and much more.

Advantages of Document360

The second feature is the Document360 Knowledge Base Site. This proves extremely useful for company employees and customers, where you have access to all relevant content that is carefully categorized. Here, as a company, you can customize your site or domain with brand-relevant icons, colors, and links.

Next is the Knowledge Base Assistant, an advanced system curated for SaaS products and websites. With the help of this feature, users get instant answers to all their queries from the automated support team at any given time.

In addition to these three key advantages, Document360 lets you integrating apps like Slack, Teams, Intercom, and many other such platforms. It also offers extensions with Chrome. With easy integrations and extensions, you can easily connect with third-party services and share knowledge, tools and collaborate on various projects.

Lastly, a great advantage of Document360 is the personalized Platform API, which allows unlimited access to your knowledge base. The developer tools of this feature allow you to connect to and interact with the platform and also create and manage all your information.

Other metrics to be considered (Cost, time-saving, usability and flexibility)

Document360 offers simple and transparent pricing, which you can either pay monthly or annually. There are four different packages for you to choose from, which are aimed at startups, businesses, and enterprises.

The lowest price starts from $99 and increases with the amount of storage and team accounts required, so there is something suitable for everyone. A knowledge base is not only a cost-effective information portal, but it also organically results in a lot of time saved. This is because it standardizes answers required by employees and customers and organizes and stores content in one place.

Apart from this, Document360 makes it easy for users to sign up, navigate and create content with the help of their blogs, e-books, guides, and comprehensive tutorials.

Final thoughts

Document360 is a solid choice when it comes to knowledge base software. It is easy to use and has some excellent features. With this platform, you can store important data, create content, share information, and communicate with clients and third-party vendors as well.

In conclusion, it is a great way for companies, employees, customers, and other individuals to create, manage and share content while maximizing efficiency.

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