How Important Is Grammar and Spelling When it Comes to Your Website?

Updated October 6, 2023

Your website is one of your best marketing tools for your brand. Here, we’ll explain why it is critically important that you not have grammar or spelling issues on your website when you launch it. For those who slept through English class in high school, we’ll then also provide some tips for preventing these types of issues.

Grammar and Spelling

Your website is the face and voice of your brand.

Your website speaks on behalf of your brand. You don’t want that speech to be in broken English or potential patrons won’t understand what you are trying to get across in your messaging.

Diminished effect. 

Spelling and grammar errors simply diminish how seriously potential patrons will take what you have to say. The assumption and concern could very easily be that if the easiest part (your brand presentation) is flawed, then what issues might exist with the product or service you are offering?
Check for misplaced letters and misused words on your website before launching it.

You could lose customers.

Customers want quality and will very often visit your website to review your brand and offering prior to making a purchase decision. In fact, in a recent survey, “Cisco found that 74 percent of consumers turn to the web to conduct research before making a purchase.” Knowing this, why wouldn’t you ensure that how you articulate your offering is as perfect as it can be?

Your SEO could be negatively impacted.

If you are spelling keywords incorrectly, then you can say goodbye to great search engine results. Separately, sites and blogs might not link to you if your site looks amateur because of inferior copy, further diminishing your SEO.

So what can you do if you aren’t completely confident in your grammatical capabilities? Fear not! It’s okay that you weren’t entirely paying attention in English class. Here are a few helpful tips to help you prevent the loss of customers on your site.
Be sure not to give the wrong impression of lack of authority with misspelled words on your website.

Be sure someone edits your work.

Regardless of how capable a writer you or your website copywriter is, the best thing to do before publishing your copy online is to have an experienced editor review it for issues. If you don’t have one available, consider sharing your test site with intelligent friends for their review prior to launch. Have them read it word for word and ensure that it makes sense.

Need to brush up?

There are plenty of online tutorials like those at to help you brush up on your grammar skills. For most of us, high school feels as though it is in the distant past. Don’t be ashamed to need a quick refresh on the subject—most of us could probably use that!

To summarize, don’t sell your website short by missing critical grammatical or spelling errors that could diminish the impact of what you are offering. Consumers could easily draw the conclusion that if the website isn’t capable of properly representing the product, then is the product going to work properly? Get ahead of these potential issues by having an editor (or someone you trust from an editorial standpoint) review your copy before it is published on your website.

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics ranging from digital marketing strategy to health and wellness. Checkout her website


  • Pijush Mitra

    Useful tips Bilal. Thanks for sharing.

  • rohan kapur

    dear Bilal,
    I have a query to make my website is hit by penguin, can it be because of grammatical mistakes or something else. Is there is a way to survive a penguin hit. Can i expect a help from you??


  • Kostas @ Opportunities Planet

    Engaging your customers at their first point of contact is crucial to developing a positive relationship. If you’re website isn’t grammatically correct and visually appealing, you’re going to scare people away. Always have a professional writer double-check any crucial frontpage content for errors before making it live.

  • Muhammad Farooq

    Nice Article @Bilal …

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