5 Best Free Apps to Listen to Music Free Online

Updated October 6, 2023

On the Internet there are millions of good songs to boost your mood. You can pay a few bucks to download music from iTunes store, join a torrent network, or search for “download mp3 free” on Google. However, these ways are either expensive or insecure. Besides, the quality of free for download music may be worse than you expect. Fortunately, the situation has changed. Now you are able to enjoy free music online without any risks. Apps like uWall, We7, Freemake Music Box, Deezer and Dhingana let you listen to free music of all kinds: pop, rock, jazz, hindi, etc. Let’s explore to 5 free ways to listen to free music online!

1# Dhingana

Go to www.dhingana.com and get awesome hindi music. The website works like a radio station which shows you lists of popular songs and artists. You can vote up a song or say that you don’t like it. Dhingana enables you directly search for a particular song or follow top charts. Thus, the service offers you best songs on daily basis. The only disadvantage it has – slow music playback. But the music at Dhingana is good and is worth to wait a bit.

2# Freemake Music Box

Freemake Music Box is new free Windows software that helps you listen to free music online. The app includes search options by artist name, album title, song, music category. As a free music player, it plays music tracks and creates playlist with your favorite audio. Morevover, Music Box shows music videos and you are capable of watching video or enjoying only sound. One little minus, Freemake Music Box is desktop software; it doesn’t have web accounts to save audio tracks in your browser.

3# uWall

uWall.tv is the website that finds for you what to listen to today. Open uWall.tv website with artists profile icons, click a profile icon and uWall plays all songs of the artist one after another one. So if you want to listen to all songs of Madonna, just hit “Madonna” icon and start having fun. Unfortunately there is one drawback: it’s not comfortable to search for a certain song in this app.

4# Deezer

Deezer plays music for free. Here you can search for rock, pop or jazz. Deezer’s song collection is really huge. Plus, their website design is alike YouTube, so you will not get lost while finding a good song. However, the app hides one big disadvantage: Deezer has geo restrictions. That’s why a few music tracks may be unavailable for some users.

5# We7

We7 is an attractive tool to listen to online music. Just jump to We7 website and click the “Play” button. We7 will start playing songs like a radio. You do not have to anything else. The app will provide all music for you. But since We7 is closer to offline radio, it’s less likely to be the best choice for regular music search.

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