13 Best Free Online Broken Link Checker Tools

Updated October 6, 2023

Although Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing a page for the search engines but if you ignore the users then SEO alone can’t help you in ranking. It is very important to focus on good user experience and that will ultimately reward you in term of ranking in the search engines. One of the factor that should not be ignored in term of good user experience is to always look for the broken links in your articles and fix them.

You can either remove the broken links or can replace with the most relevant one. However it should be treated as soon as possible so that your readers don’t land on a 404 page. If there are so many broken links pointing from your articles to the external sources then it can significantly effect the overall ranking of your blog pages.

If you have not yet paid attention to the broken links then now is the time to find and fix them. There are number of tools available that can be used to find all the broken links.

Online Broken Link Checker Tools

The list below contains some of the popular and free online broken link checker tools.

1# BrokenLinkCheck.com

It helps you scan upto 3000 pages of your blogs and finds all the broken and bad host links. The result is displayed along with the source URL and broken Links so that you can easily locate the source page and fix them. The free package allows you to scan upto 3,000 pages however if your blog has more then 3K pages then you can utilize their paid version. The paid version also allows you to export the result to CSV files.

Tip:- Rescan your blog once you have fixed all the previous links and it will further scan the remaining pages for you.

Visit Here

2# Online Domain Tools.com

It can scan upto 1,000 pages for the broken links. You have the option to select Rang and Depth for the scan to get detailed result after the scan.

Visit Here

3# DeadLinhecker.com

The exact number is not known but this tool can scan more the 1,000 pages for the dead links. At the end it will highlight all the dead links along with the source pages.

Visit Here

4# Internet Marketing Ninjas.com

This is pretty amazing tool which can scan unlimited pages of your blog. You also have the option to select 500 or 1000 pages for the first scan. This will help you to reduce load on your server because if you select the “Unlimited” option in the tool then chances are that you server may get overloaded.

At the end of the scan the tool can also email the report along with the internet and external dead links, redirects and other suspicious status for the links.

Visit Here

5# DrLinkCheck.com

Dr. Link Check can scan the first 1000 links in your blog to find out if they are dead or working. The free version has the limit of 1K links and the paid option allows you to scan upto 5,000 links for just $10. It is cheap though but you can also check the alternative tools for the better deal.

Visit Here

6# LinkValet

This tool can scan the pages of your blog with the recursion depth of 2 (means when a link on page leads to another, the tool will scan the other link too). The tool can either display the report on the site or it can mail it to your email too. Apart from the 404 not found report it can also show you all the links that redirects to other pages.

Visit Here

7# iWebTool.com

Another very useful tool offered by the iWebTool.com team. However with this tool you will need to manually enter each and every URL of your blog to find broken links on it. Another disadvantage is that you are allowed to scan only upto 10 URLs in the free version. If you want more then you will need to go for the Gold Account.

For me this is not a useful tool, because it does not provide you with enough scans. Anyways you can try it if your blog has fewer pages.

Visit Here

8# W3.org

It will only scan the page you enter in the box. Just like the first tool it will not visit each and every post of your blog automatically to find broken links in it. However it can scan a web page in detail to help you find all the broken and other forbidden links.

Visit Here

9# LinkTiger.com

It looks a good one with 14 days trail. During the trail period it will scan upto 1,000 pages of your blog and send you the report on your email. Good part is it will scan your blog continuously to notify you of the broken links.

Visit Here

10# SubmitExpress.com

This one will scan all the internal pages for the internal broken links. It does not shows broken links that are external but you can use to find any internal broken links. It is a bit slow as compare to the others when scanning URLs.

Visit Here

11# SmallSEOTools.com

It scans a webpage only for the broken links. Again you will need to manually enter each and every URL of your posts to find broken links.

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12# LinkAlarm

For 14 days trail you can use this tool to scan upto 100 pages automatically for the broken links. Probably best one as compare to some of the other mentioned above. It provides pretty detailed report for all the external dead links.

Visit Here

13# AddMe.com

With this tool you can find most of the broken links in your blog. However you will need to enter your email and other details to get the report on your email. Inside the report all the broken and dead links will be outlined that you can fix later.

Visit Here


These are some of the best web based broken link checker tools available. Although there may be others too but as we are talking about the best tools then these are truly the best out of all.

Web based tools are good for small sized blogs but if your blog has lots of pages then it is recommended to scan it via a desktop link checker tool. In my upcoming article I will be listing some of the best desktop based broken link checker tools. So don’t forget to visit again.

If you know about any other tool that I missed here that stands the best then don’t forget to share in the comments below.


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  • hello bro
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  • Felix @ How to Make Money Online

    I’ve been offering SEO Link Building services for a while now. And when I do link prospecting, I found “Check My Link Extension” for Google Chrome is very useful to me as it works very fast.

    I will also try those tools mentioned above for me to compare on the tools that I am currently using. Thank you very much for sharing. 🙂

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    Hey Bilal I always used smallseotools and drlinkcheck to check broken links. You have a nice list to check broken link. I going to try other sites too. Thanks for the list Bilal. 🙂

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Patel@ The first one in the list is much better then the smallseotools. Give it a try.

  • I think you have covered all the broken link checkers here. It is important to fix those until the webmaster tools notifications goes away (404). And should not forget to fetch-as-google. Thanks for the tools

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