Importance Of Email Marketing In Digital Marketing Era

Updated October 6, 2023

E-mail Marketing

In the era of digitalization, you would come across marketers implementing and practicing different marketing campaigns. With overgrowing technological innovations, digital marketing is also evolving by bringing new features and techniques. However, in the race of kicking off new campaigns, you might ignore crucial forums like email marketing.

Believe it or not, email marketing is still going strong in 2020. Marketers believe newsletters play a crucial role in the success of their marketing campaigns. Similarly, regular updates of new blog posts are only possible through emails. Thus, email marketing lays a foundation to strengthen your other marketing campaigns, helping your business climb the stairs of success.

Do you think if missing out on it is worth it? Of course, not. Understanding the importance of email marketing is crucial for the success of your overall digital marketing strategy. If you are clueless about it, let us help you understand the importance of email marketing in the digital marketing era. Have a look below!

1. Promotes Personalization

Previously, personalization was an element for making a strong marketing campaign. In 2020, it has become a necessity because people want to establish an emotional connection with the brand. Email marketing allows you to customize your emails by adding the first name of customers and creating individualized content. Likewise, you can also promote content that specifically caters to the audience by creating variations of emails. You add different images and subject lines to increase engagement. All this is possible because email marketing has the power to segment your audience into lists. So, build an email list with all the necessary data to keep up with changing customer needs.

2. Reaches Global Audience

Email marketing lets you send messages across the world within a few seconds. Indeed, social media helps spread the word worldwide but doesn’t give an insight into who is reading your content. Email marketing is giving you an insight into how many people are opening and clicking on your emails. Likewise, if you wish to expand your operations overseas, you can readily break the news to everyone by sending emails.

3. Helps with Customer Acquisition

Undoubtfully, social media is an incredible way of engaging with customers, but when it comes to turning customers into members, email marketing provides the way forward. It drives customers towards your business by helping customers to establish a connection and relationship with the brand. Subscribers receive the newsletter, special promotions, and discount offers that keep them hooked to the brand. The statistics suggest that 34% of the people globally use email, giving you access to a massive pool of audience.

4. Delivers Targeted Messages

At times, marketers happily pay, ensuring they have spent on people who were interested in their brand. Surprisingly, email marketing always stays one step ahead. Alongside targeting the right audience, they only send emails to subscribers who fit into a particular criterion, closing doors for unwanted traffic. For instance, if your business does not ship overseas, it would limit the campaign to locals. Likewise, if you own a sports brand, any discounts or promotions will only be sent to people interested in sports. Thus, when you target the correct audience, it automatically results in higher conversions.

5. Provides Measurable Results

Usually, marketers are running marketing campaigns on assumptions, considering that customers might like that or might engage more with pictures. Honestly, marketing campaigns are not run on assumptions, and email marketing understands this. There is no guesswork because it allows you to track progress and measure results. You can instantly catch sight of people who opened the email, clicked on the click, and the ones who unsubscribed. With a clear picture of how your email campaign is performing, you can fix glitches, make improvements, and boost the progress of email campaigns.

6. Pocket Friendly

Even though digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional marketing, some marketing channels have hefty price tags. Sometimes, small businesses are working on a tight marketing budget, which can make room for email marketing. Unlike social media, you don’t have run ads or boost your posts. All marketing forums are free of costs, while you might have to spend money if you choose to work on specialized tools. These tools are super beneficial, allowing you to track and evaluate emails. Besides, you may encounter overhead costs for sending thousands of emails at a time, but again, these are far lower than other marketing channels.

7. Active Mobile Notifications

In today’s world, approximately 3.2 billion people own a smartphone. With the sprouting usage of mobile devices, people are actively checking their phones. Similarly, email applications notify people every time they receive an email, allowing them to check emails anytime and anywhere. Due to the increasing popularity of social forums, marketers are pushing away email marketing without realizing 91% of people use smartphones to access their emails. Thus, these active notifications can make your campaign stronger while giving you access to more customers.


Despite new marketing forums, email marketing continues to be one of the proficient marketing channels, even today. It helps you reach the right audience and opens doors for higher leads and more conversions. Perhaps, it is time for your business to prioritize email marketing over other campaigns.

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