10 Strategies for International Digital Marketing

Updated October 6, 2023

Undoubtedly, marketing is one of the key elements of business, regardless of its size, industry, and core values. Marketing is the approach to your customer, the way you communicate with them, and the manner you present yourself in. When it comes to going international with your business, marketing is literally a lifesaver because the moment you step onto the terra incognita of the new country, nobody might know about your business, and you might not be able to predict your target audience’s reaction, no matter how well you researched your country. This is where digital marketing comes into play. With the power that the internet provides us, marketing (and your business) can turn international in the blink of an eye and without you ever leaving your bedroom.

By the Power of Digits

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The Internet is a wonderful thing, predominantly because it allows many people to connect and handle lots of complex things collectively, rendering those things much simpler. In the digital world, there’s no distance, so developing and implementing an international strategy can be done without any business trips and unnecessary costs. Yet, the internet lives by its own rules, which have to be followed in order to comply with its rapid pace and ever-changing trends. Luckily, there are a few ways to tame this beast. Such strategies are relatively low-cost, greatly add to any digital marketing strategy, and don’t require investing any unreachable resources.

  1. Investing in design. Investing in your website design or slightly altering your banner ads creates an impression that you have a very thorough and specific approach to your marketing campaigns. At the same time, such an investment may not be as large as other similar investments and does not require a huge team of experts. At the same time, your competitors might not evaluate this move as a marketing strategy and, thus, overlook an opportunity you have otherwise taken.
  2. Investing in content. This is another relatively low-cost strategy, especially if you’re running a DIY kind of business and only start your digital marketing campaign. To fill your site with interesting content that would attract your customers and, thus, the internet traffic, you can create a blog on your website and regularly post there. You can either create the content yourself or hire specialists to do that for you. In either case, this will not cost much but strongly expand your online presence.
  3. Translate your content. Not only the one you post on your website’s blog but also every other piece of content in your digital marketing campaign. People do prefer consuming all information in their native language, so offering them such an opportunity only with the help of the best certified translation services online will significantly enhance your influence. Besides, this power-up for your digital marketing campaign is also relatively low-cost.
  4. Invest in social media. If you still don’t have a social media page for your business, create one. Social media significantly influence people and dictate new trends. And, like with investing in content, don’t forget that your social media page has to be properly maintained with interesting posts appearing there as often as possible.
  5. Localize. Although localization is relatively widespread, its full potential doesn’t seem to be realized yet. By localizing your content and, thus, bringing its translation on a whole new level, you get into your customers’ hearts and minds by making your content familiar and relatable to them. Besides, you don’t have to go far as you can find here a professional translation company and localize your business today. Just like translation, this strategy is quite cheap and has a relatively large payoff.
  6. Work on your SEO. This method applies to both your website and social media page. Doing search engine optimization (SEO) means developing your content in such a way that it could be found earlier in the users’ search requests. There are a number of SEO strategies but the point of most of them is to accumulate internet traffic around your business in the digital world and, thus, significantly improve your online presence.
  7. Initiate promotions. Promos are always extremely attractive to all customers, so initiating them on a regular basis but in a limited amount can become a serious influence on your popularity and, hence, sales in the future. Such promotions don’t always have to involve discounts, you can also offer free shipping or service.
  8. Get email marketing involved. Although email marketing might seem like an old thing for old people who still use emails, this notion is very far from the truth. The point is that email is still widely used throughout the world and it has become particularly powerful lately. You can create impressive newsletters, connect social media, and offer discounts in an aesthetically pleasing and simply elegant way that your customers will not be able to resist.
  9. Create partnerships. Business partnerships work well in the real world and this tendency also applies to the digital world. Collaborate with other popular, influential, or enthusiastic businesses that have some kind of online presence in your target country. You can collaborate in holding the webinars, provide services that come together (e.g., you can partner with delivery service), or distribute promo codes with discounts that work for your partners.
  10. Never stop learning. While you can always simply apply the strategies described above and find more but sooner or later, they will end. Or some of them might not work well with your business particularly. So, it’s important to constantly learn how to deal with various situations using your creativity and imagination. You can learn from your experience or address a coach or tutor from time to time.

Let the Digital Marketing Begin

Approaching your marketing campaign or the whole strategy properly, regardless of its territory, is oftentimes vital for the business. By thoroughly creating an approach to your communication with customers, you manage to present your business in its best light. You might sometimes even become amazed at how interesting or innovative or simply good you can be. At the same time, generating an appropriate digital marketing campaign or strategy is a fun journey that should certainly not be missed.

Author Bio: Throughout many years of his career, Mark Blackwood has worked as a reporter, researcher, traveling journalist, and educator. In his numerous journeys, he learned that learning is one of the most wonderful processes in human life, which can only be complete by sharing the gained experiences with others. That’s why with every post, Mark does his best to deliver all his experiences to you to their fullest.

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