How to Stay Connected to a Free Wi-Fi Internet?

Updated October 6, 2023

The need for free urban Wi-Fi arises when we set on to a journey. Especially as tourists, we want to stay connected to the internet no matter where we are. Since the internet offers an endless supply of knowledge and information, we highly depend on it for education as well as for our daily dose of entertainment. With a growing trend of the internet of things, the wireless network has taken everything online.

Numerous internet providers in the US offer free internet services to their subscribers. For example, Charter Spectrum provides complete access to nationwide hotspots to its clients so that they can stay connected to the internet whenever they are on a run. Simply sign up for Spectrum internet deals and unlock some of the most premium features including free access to nationwide hotspots, unlimited data, contract-free plans, and high-speed internet connectivity.

With the emergence of 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things, cities are becoming more and more connected every day. In the future, people will be able to enjoy free internet services throughout the city due to various interconnected networks installed at every location. Apart from free internet service, connected cities have several more benefits to offer:

What is a Connected City?

Connected cities are just another name for smart cities. The terminology, ‘connected city’, may seem simple and understandable, but is certainly a wide and comprehensive phenomenon. The concept is way beyond collaborating with internet providers to deliver free Wi-Fi to the citizens and other tourists. Nevertheless, it is about making the wireless networks of the country efficient enough to handle a huge amount of data at one end, and robust enough to tackle the small bits and bytes of data on the other. Connected cities not only offer readily available connectivity but are specially designed to take every small city functionality online such as water management, traffic lights, sewerage system, etc.

How is creating a connected city a challenge?

Creating a connected city is a great challenge. One needs to put proper thought into taking every small functionality of the city online. Pondering over the pain points can be solved by offering online solutions, which are easily accessible by the residents as well as business organizations. Users should be able to perform all their activities online ranging from shopping to paying government taxes.

Here are some applications and examples of a connected city:

A connected city is a wide concept that can serve several benefits to the residents living in that particular city:

  • Traffic lights adjustments according to the traffic patterns and timings, to keep the traffic smooth.
  • Water management system. How to use and manage the water. Moreover, to deal with the water system in case of an
  • Wearable devices to report any incident or emergency instantly.
  • A sensor-based system to monitor the air quality and weather forecasting.
  • Garbage sensors that ensure the cleanliness of the cities. Sensors can spot the garbage and can drop notification to the personnel to clean it up.
  • Parking sensors that enable people to know if the lot is full or not. If it is not filled then which spots are vacant and on what floor.
  • Making Wi-Fi available to every place, so that people can stay connected to the internet world.

The above-mentioned are just a few of several applications of the connected cities. Many of these applications are already being implemented and a few are still in process of development.

Wireless Connectivity Everywhere

All the tourists feel the need of staying connected to the internet. It is not certain because they want to keep their social profiles updated but to find suitable routes in the unknown territory, translate into their language, or to know better about the place. This specific need gave birth to the idea of super Wi-Fi and connected cities.

Nowadays, we usually get Wi-Fi everywhere but the term Super Wi-Fi is yet to come into existence.

The Advent of Super Wi-Fi

Super Wi-Fi is the Wi-Fi of the next generation. Super Wi-Fi will allow you to get on to the internet from any corner of a city or certain locality without paying a dime. Free Wi-Fi availability will let you make free calls. It will dismiss you from the mobile phone bills. Super Wi-Fi is a megaproject. Many telecommunication companies have been contracted to help implement this project and many have been approached to promote it.

That is all for today. Stay tuned for more updates regarding internet connections.

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