3 Ways Parents Can Protect Their Child From The Predators On The Internet

Updated October 6, 2023

Protect Child From Predators

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In the 21st century, every child has a digital device and access to the internet. The Internet can, on one hand, be very beneficial for kids but on the other hand, be equally dangerous for them. Children can use the internet to do research for schoolwork, communicate with friends and play mind engaging games.

However, access to the internet also opens up the children to many risks like online fraudulent, scammers, bullies and inappropriate content. The young impressionable minds of the children can be highly affected and they are the perfect target for child predators. Also along with that, it affects the child’s mental health and frequent use affects their physical health.

To keep their children protected the parents have to be extra vigilant. They have to be aware of what children do and see on the internet. Now parental control and communication with the child are the best way to do these.

Here are three ways with which parents can protect their children in the digital world.

1. Communicate with your child

The parents these days find it hard to interact with their children due to busy schedules or being strict parents to teach their children. However, they fail to understand that the most effective way to teach children is to be their friend, understand them and communicate with them.

Once you communicate with your child you can make them aware of the scammers on the internet in what ways they can lure them to give out personal information. Also, effective communication with children makes it easy for them to open up to parents if they are being bullied. Hence communicating with your child and spending time with them is essential.

2. Online protection tools

However, if you don’t have such a strong relationship with your child you can use parental control applications to be informed. These Parental Control applications like FamiSafe, helps parents keep track of their children’s activates and also inform them if the kid receives any inappropriate messages. Also, it is a better option than taking the mobile away from your child and checking their phone as it makes them feel a lack of trust from their parents. Parental control apps help the parents keep their minds at peace while the child gets the privacy they require.

3. Internet Safety Laws

Although not much known there is a law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). According to this law, no individual can get a child’s personal information like their name, address or phone number without acquiring the parent’s consent.

It is designed so that children can be saved from online scammers and pedophile who manipulate children using that information and convince them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do

The need for taking these steps is highlighted when gamed like Blue Whale come to the surface and the suicides they caused. You can never know if internet access will play a part in the development of the child’s mind or they will fall prey to someone’s tricks. However not giving a child of generation Z,  any access to the internet is not an option. However, these are a few necessary steps every parent should apply before handing over a digital device with internet access to a child.

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