How to Download Free eBooks on Your iPod Touch

Updated October 6, 2023

It is fairly possible to download eBooks to your computer and read them. But the trouble begins when you want to have a big library of books in your palm that you can carry anywhere and everywhere to read. For this Apple Inc. has got an excellent application of iBooks. But because of the books that you get are too expensive on iBooks manufactures have made things easier and cheaper for you. Though there are other options as well, like getting eBooks Coupon Codes for eBooks. To get these books in the cheapest rates you need to find online coupons for them and then use these coupons to buy eBooks.

But for now as we are supposed to talk about the eBooks that you can read on your iPod Touch I shall share a few steps that can be followed to have an eLibrary on your iDevices.

Step 1.
You need to have Good reader (it is available in the app store for $.99) but I would say get your device JAILBROKEN and you can get it for free. Once you have Good reader in your device you can go ahead and download as many books as you want.

Step 2.
Go to web downloads in the Good reader, browse the web and enter If you are doing this from a computer then you can directly download your favorite books from the same website without having Good reader. You only need Adobe reader to read the eBooks in your computer. But as we are concerned about the having eBooks in our iPod Touch so we will focus only downloading eBooks on our iPod.

Step 3.
Browse for the book that you would like to read. And many options of the books will come when you search the site.

Step 4.
Now when you tap on the selected eBook some options will appear in the dropdown menu.  Tap on ‘follow the link’ but remember to follow it if it is a .pdf file.

Step 5.
It counts 10 seconds and when the button “download here” appears, tap on it and start the down.

Step 6.
Now is the final step, just tap download link and then once prompted, hit “go there”.

Congratz! You have got your desired book right in your palm on your iPod Touch.

You can use the steps 3 to 6 to download other eBooks as well.

N.B. you can use the same steps to download eBooks on your iDevices. Remember that if you are looking for some stories then you can download kindle application from iStore for free and download these stories for you free.

Author Bio:Christopher Marry has been writing for several years about the advancement in the field of technology. He also likes to aware his readers about the discounts available on techno-items! He has been writing about eBooks Coupon Codes, frugality and how to shop wisely. Normally there are discounts available on electronic items and one can use free online coupon codes and promo codes to avail them.

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