How to Setup Facebook timeline on iPhone?

Updated October 6, 2023

iPhone users in this world are increasing in number and so is the popularity of Facebook. Many a people are still confused how to setup the correct manual for updating and editing the timeline. iPhone has got an update from Facebook for getting the authentic timeline option which has been released just a few days ago. It plays an important role in getting a sneak view of your profile.

Latest update to iPhone 4.1 application

Facebook has just launched an amazing update for iPhone users that will give the hidden benefits of Timeline. Photos will also get uploaded quite fast and you will not have to wait for getting the excellent profile view. As per the report of AppData, there is 57.6 million of daily and 99.5 million of monthly active users of Facebook. So this update is ought to improve the performance for Timeline. This update will certainly provide the new users with excellent options such as to see the subscribers, to add new friends, to view subscriptions and pop-over notifications. Nonetheless, you will be getting your Timeline profile in just few seconds. This update is usually delayed and it may be due to the fixing of previous bugs for iPhone.

Benefits of using Timeline update for iPhone 4.1 version

  • Facebook has tried its best to remove all the past bugs from Timeline application. When you tapped a photo or image, it generally could select anther photo from the same album. It will never occur now.
  • The second and most important benefit is that you will be capable of viewing all the requests, messages and notifications on the same screen, on basis of partial-screen popovers. It will make the browsing faster and easy.
  • The loading time has also reduced as compared to the previous application for iPhone.

Setting Timeline on your iPhone

  • Log on to your Facebook account and click on About Timeline page. You have just to click on ‘clicking here’.
  • The user is then needed to click on the ‘Get Timeline’ tab which is located at right side bottom of the page. The contents will be published right now as you choose the Timeline but if you are interested in editing the photo, follow the next steps.
  • You will have to hold the cursor on the pencil-like option on the right side. It will offer you two options of editing or removing the specific thing from the Timeline.
  • You will get a drop-down menu which provides you excellent option to add location, to hide the timeline, change the date and even to delete the post.
  • The iPhone user can also expand and highlight a particular feature on Timeline. This can be done by clicking on the ‘feature’ icon, a start-shaped option. Your image will get spread all over the page and your friends will notice it.
  • Given you are well satisfied with the removing or editing options under Timeline application for iPhone, you can just click on the option, ‘Publish Now’. Even if you select nothing on the page, it will automatically get published.

Timeline application from Facebook is very popular for the users of iPhone. The company has recently launched a new update 4.1 which reduces the photo upload and gives you plenty of new features too, at the same time. Setting the Timeline on iPhone is also easy.

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