Social Media: The Ins and Outs

Updated October 6, 2023

In this day and age, social media has become a venue that cannot be ignored by any prudent business looking to jumpstart things. Sites that provide an interface between businesses and their target audience are gold mines waiting to be exploited by businesses. A smart business should be represented in all major social media outlets.

Here are some pointers for how to make the most of social media for your business. Social media is a straightforward business in that millions of different kinds of users tap into the social media stream every day. It is a versatile and useful tool. Be sure to exploit search engine optimizers, such as Chicago SEO while working on your social media presence.

The cardinal rule when it comes to social media is that your business must keep all information up to date in every outlet. A business’s official website may be up to date, but they lose out if their platforms on social media sites are outdated. The potential for a website’s traffic to be from a social media page that has routed them is very high. Use this to your advantage.

A presence in the social media automatically enhances your presence in search engines. It is a good idea to look into local and national SEO services, if you are a business aiming to make your web presence felt.

Large search engine providers often provide and prioritize social media links to businesses, and links to official websites may appear lower down in the search results. This may not seem ideal, but remember that this may be because your social media presence is what is attracting more traffic. Also, if your social webpages are complete, this should not be a worrying factor.

In order to make your webpages complete remember the cardinal rule. Your social media will obviously be different in nature from your website, but this should only be with respect to style and not with respect to content. The information in every social media stream should match up.

The nature of information representation should vary according to the specific social media platform. Some are more audio-visual, while other social media outlets are more picture based. Modulate your business representation accordingly, especially if your platform involves you posting in real time such as on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember always to interlink social media platforms in order to maximize exposure to your business. This should be done by making your presence on other social media platforms known through hyperlinked logos on both the top and bottom of a specific platform’s page. Businesses worth their mettle always have links along the lines of “Find us also on XYZ.”

Keep your representation on social media platforms fresh. This will encourage consumers to not only browse that specific platform, but to visit the official website. Many businesses do not have specific websites, and only make their web presence known through social media. However, this is not encouraged: social media should be a lead-up to a business’s own website.

In short, the formula for social media success involves the following simples: fresh representation that meshes with an individual social media website’s tone, interlinked social media platforms and up-to-date and synchronized representation on all forums.

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