How to Elevate Your Sales Using Pro Export Ninja

Updated October 6, 2023

Supplying business platforms with advanced research criteria to test the profitability of their products, the Internet, and conjoining sectors have benefited a lot from the boon that social media is. Digital marketing has become the fastest growing platform in recent times.

And, Social media analysis has become an integral part of intercepting the choices of consumers. The increase in competition is tremendous, and you can only positively incline your sales if you market your product with effective brilliance.

But, to get effective feedback on your sales, you always need to know the sensations running around in the market. And, you can learn them better by scanning popular sites like Instagram. The tools that allow you to extract information from this site are known as – Instagram scrappers. A very well established and efficient such Instagram email scraper tool is PRO-EXPORT NINJA.

In simple words, if you think that your product can do better if it reaches a suitable audience because it is well worthy of all your hard work and marketing initiatives, you need to know about this tool.

Export Ninja


Pro-Export Ninja is a distinctive tool that helps you to aim at an audience better suited for your Sales Growth. Allowing you to access various Instagram handles, this tool enables you to filter out phone numbers, emails, and other data like profile bio and social media engagements of your expected audience. With the accessibility of these data, you can single out consumers who will help you in darting through your sales chart.


After getting the intelligence of extracting data, you can use the Pro-Export Ninja tool to categorize your market initiatives into a particular direction. As e-commerce business has been rising from the past few years, you can always use your information to target potential buyers through major E-commerce sites.

Establishing databases on Google and Facebook Business Manager: –

You can add your collected data to advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. Google AdWords can target your audience by showcasing you on Google AdSense, and Facebook can directly reach your shortlisted buyers through phone numbers and emails!

Google AdSense is a major addition of all Internet sites and Blogs. Once being featured on popular sites; your sales will pitch like never before.

Establishing data lists of similar audiences: –

Once you have managed to confirm an operative list of primary audience, you can add a secondary database targeting audience with equivalent preferences. The secondary audience can be targeted by persuasively influencing them and advertising accordingly. Hence, you can easily use the Pro-Export Ninja tool to establish a regular audience for your products.

Audience for your Products


To understand the working of this tool, you need to search the accounts of your rivals or handles pertaining to similar interests and tastes, on the home page of the site. You can then export the users’ data from your Insta handle search to Excel sheets or google sheets. The profile bios, along with the phone numbers and email addresses, will be provided to you by the tool.

This data is then filtered to be best suiting your analysis. You can also get .csv files of your extraction. Data Extraction exceeding 10,000 databases will only be available in .csv format, which can be exported further to Google or Excel Sheets.

Google Excel Sheet


A basic search and extraction of any account will provide you with a complete detailed list of 20 Instagram accounts and adjacent details. To get a list having more number of extracted account data, you need to pay a beginning rate of $19. The $19 plan allows you access a bundle of 10,000 items.

More effective plans at Pro-Export Ninja that provide you with 30,000 and 80,000 items per bundle can be browsed at a reasonable amount of $29 and $59, respectively. You can buy packages costing you $129 and get 250,000 items and also, you can pay $249 for 600,000 items.

The highest costing package provides you with 1,500,000 items for $499.

You might think that the plans are costly but, with Pro-export Ninja, you get what you pay for. Before prejudicing the tool’s rates, you need to know that data extraction and analysis will provide you with a stable consumer ranking, and surprisingly, exceptional results in your Sales Growth.

Sales Growth


The tool is extremely easy to use and feasible. The user interface is exceedingly friendly and interactive. Sparing a few minutes, you can learn the basics of the tool and how to export data to your preferred spreadsheet.

The site draws out data within a few seconds and allows you to easily transport it. Even large-scale searches need only a few minutes to proceed. The data now can be analyzed by you at your convenience and categorized into various charts and graphs pertaining to your needs.

As previously mentioned, you can also transport this data to Google, Facebook, and other online advertising platforms to see exceptional results in your sales.

You can proceed with your payment by using a credit or a debit card and also use your PayPal account. No subscriptions are needed. You can always choose a plan that best suits your requirements, and switch among other packages when necessary.

Elevate your Sales


You may have your suspicions regarding if the use of data scraper is legal or not. So, you must know that the information provided to you is simply available for anybody to access.

As it is highly impractical to extract data manually from social sites, because it is highly impractical to manually extract data from social sites, the tool is designed to make it easy for you to access data in thousands. Hence, be assured that this whole process is completely legal and risk-free.

Final Words

E-Commerce sites like Amazon etc. have been conducting business in millions of dollars. It is only possible to rank higher in these sites if you know how to market your product and enhance its creditability. With the arrival of social media influencers, digital marketing has seen a major up-shot. Similarly, you too can experience pitching in your sales, if you invest in tools that provide you with a better understanding of your expected audience.

Pro-Export Ninja, with a bit of additional investment, will provide you with the best results known to bring an increment in your sales. A lot of next generation digital marketing & Ad agencies like Cannibals use it nowadays. The amount of results available to you in such a reasonable amount is quite surprising.

If unsure, you can use the 20 free accounts and determine the usability of the tool. You can buy the tool when you gain complete confidence in the services provided by

Pro-Export Ninja.

With a little insight into all the profit that you will be earning, it is evident that Pro-Export Ninja is a tool worth having. Get the tool now and skyrocket your earnings. Have a Happy Experience with Instagram’s best Scraping tool!

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