How a Personal Letterhead Should Look Like

Updated October 6, 2023

Personal Letterhead

In an era dominated by standardized emails and automated signatures, letterhead templates have become sort of a niche, romantic kind of concept. But despite enjoying decreasing levels of popularity, they are far from being dead. Actually, they can prove very useful even in the digital era. If you want to create a personalized letterhead but do not know what to start, we have comprised a short list of useful templates that will make your job much easier. The following list will help you choose the appropriate letterhead for each particular situation, whether formal or informal. Here is how a personal letterhead should look like.

Example 1 – Standard Personal Letterhead Template

Let us start with the most basic letterhead format. If you are not sure if a particular design is fit for the occasion, you can’t go wrong with this template. From a structural and compositional standpoint, it sits right between formal and informal – it is formal enough as to not sound insulting or overreaching, and informal enough as to not appear overly pretentious or awkward.

It is simple, and it will not distract the reader’s attention away from the content of the letter. Moreover, this particular letterhead sample is highly customizable, and it allows you to easily change the font, colors or add the correct address if need be. There are many personal letterhead designs to choose from, so if you want something similar that fits every single scenario, you can check more samples here on Templates Assistant.

Example 2 – Romantic Personal Letterhead Template

Letterhead example

Featured Image Source: Template Assistant

Imagine this scenario: the anniversary with your loved one is approaching, and this time you want to take a break from the usual romantic gifts and want to craft something special for this occasion. If you have ever written a letter (or even a romantic email), then you know how much of an impact a well-written one can have on the respondent. So, since you are already planning on approaching this event in the old-fashioned way, why not accompany your carefully written love letter with an appropriate letterhead?

Example 3 – Monogrammed Personal Letterhead

Letter Head Example 2

Featured Image Source: Template Assistant

Letters are already considered quite antiquated and antiquated in the age of instant texting, but if you want to take a true old-school approach, a monogrammed personal letterhead will enhance your letter’s old-time-y feel. This particular letterhead resembles the ones used by the greatest novelists and poets of the past, whose expansive and seemingly never-ending letters that they used to send each other to debate various popular and intellectual subjects are themselves considered works of art.

Regardless of the occasion, whether it is formal or informal, you will surely attract everybody’s attention by opting for this letterhead sample. As always, the colors, as well as the font, can be changed to suit your own personal and stylistic preferences.

Example 4 – Wedding Personal Letterhead Design

If you are old enough to remember a time when sending letters was still one of the most practical ways of communication, you are surely aware of the custom of sending invitations to the people you want to attend your wedding. In most cases, a simple invitation upon which you have plastered the persons names with a fancy font is enough, because few people have high expectations from a simple piece of paper.

But if you want to go the extra mile and impress your future guests, this particular letterhead design will do the trick. It is simple, and elegant at the same time, with a well-designed decoration in the upper right corner of the invitation. In the upper center of the paper, you can easily fill in your names, as well as a slogan underneath it.

Example 5 – Holiday Personal Letterhead Design

The holiday season has become the unofficial period to spend time with your loved ones and to catch up with the ones that either live too far away from you, or you simply do not have the time and space to keep in touch.

Now, as always, maybe a call or a Skype video chat would be more appropriate, but why not do something special this time around? In this day and age, cell phones are so banal that most of us have relegated them to background noise – some of us wish that they hadn’t been invented. Imagine how surprised your loved ones will be at the mere sight of a letter – nobody expects to find anything else in their mailbox besides bills and shady advertisements. And coupled with an appropriate and elegant holiday specific letterhead, you can be sure that your special gift will be cherished.

Example 6 – Unusual Personal Letterhead Design


Featured Image Source: Template Assistant

Finally, fi you want to infuse your letters with a extra dose of personal style, you can take a more unconventional approach when it comes to the letterhead design. A good way of making your letter stand out from the rest is by choosing letterheads of famous historical personalities, like the sample we have shown you just above. However, make sure to not overdo it – as quirky and special as it might be, this letterhead design is inappropriate in formal and business contexts. For that, you might want to switch to a simpler design.


With the advent of the internet and fast communication, letters have fallen out of fashion not necessarily because they are antiquated per se – after all, writing a letter can be as fulfilling and artistically satisfying as writing a short story or a novel –  but because from a technological standpoint, they have become obsolete.

However, even with the rise and spread of faster ways of communication, they are not completely dead. Like vinyls, they have just been reduced to a niche that is sustained by passionate nostalgics who like the authenticity and feel of writing a letter. And since a letter is only as good as the design of the letterhead,  by choosing one or more the designs we have presented in this article, you can be sure that yours will truly stand out from the others.

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