How to Build Unlimited Quality Backlinks

Updated October 6, 2023

These days getting backlinks is very easy, because a lot of blogs, forums, directories and websites are available. However the thing is that how to build quality backlinks that will never lose its value. That will increase your PR and stabilize it. As you know that Page Rank is calculated on the basis of quality backlinks that you get from other domains. The more quality backlinks you get the higher your domain PR will be.

unlimited quality backlinks

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Dofollow Forums

Although the concept is old one, but it works and give you quality backlinks. However you need to find quality and high page rank dofollow forums. Posting a few comments daily in the forum will not only help in building links, but also drive traffic to your blog or website. You can build unlimited links from forums and the links will increase your domian page rank.

Guest Blogging

The 2nd working and 100% working method is to write a few articles on high page rank blogs. You can get relevant links from guest blogging and the links will stay in the article as long as the blog is live. Write as many articles as you can and get quality links.

Comment Posting

Don’t ignore this method, because google still count links in comments as quality backlinks. Create your personal list of blogs (nofollow or dofollow) and start posting comments on daily basis. You will surely see the result within a few months.

I know these are well known methods, but must follow these if you really want to build some quality backlinks for your domain. Give at least 20, 20 minutes to each of the above listed methods and you will be able to create a lot of backlinks.

Don’t forget to share any other method that you think can help in building quality links.



    I appropriated the efforts made by bilal, and I hope many others are also take part in his efforts.

  • commenting and directory listing is the easiest way

  • arbazena

    Nice post, thank you for sharing

  • I think the easiest way for link building is to post articles on a lot of websites

  • For me, commenting is the easiest way, and guest blogging is the better way.

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