How to add Google Talk in your blogspot (Blogger) Blog?

Updated October 6, 2023

add gtalk to your blogNow you can add Gtalk to your blogspot blog, to allow your readers to interact with each other, send files and make voice calls through your blog.

Glatk in blogspot

How to Add Google GTalk in your blog?

Go to your blogger Dash Board

Click on Layout and then on Add a Gadget in your sidebar. Select HTML/Javascript from the list and paste the below code in the new HTML Element.

<iframe width=”234″ frameborder=”0″
</iframe><p style=”margin:-8px 0″><br
<a style=”text-decoration:none;font-size:70%;”
to your blog</a></center></p>

Through this simple step you can add Google GTalk in your blog, to allow your readers real time interaction with each other.

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  • I am trying to add GTalk to my blog.. and I did as you said .. added the html and ermm well an empty box? What did I do wrong?

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