How tech Era is Revolutionizing the Apartment culture in Asia

Updated October 6, 2023

Modern ideas and techniques are making their way through different parts of Asia, even as the population around the region rises. This has led to the popularity of the modern apartment culture that was first observed in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of modern design trends, and smart technology, apartment units and buildings are changing. They are transforming lives, as smart technology like biometric access and smart meters become the norm.

The revolutionary idea of smart apartments

Smart apartments are a new concept in Asia. They are defined by smart devices, amenities, connectivity, and community management.

In case of smart amenities, these will include voice assistants, advanced locks, automated thermostats and lighting fixtures, among other things. These are things we already use in one form or the other already, but they will benefit significantly from smart technology.

Internet of things (IoT) is already an established and growing concept. They will feature prominently in smart apartments. As an apartment building is constructed, a company with expertise in IoT will need to be hired to install this technology. This technology is expected to become commonplace within the next decade, as it finally makes its way to Asia from the West.

Smart technology will be very beneficial for improving connectivity between property managers and apartment residents. It allows them to share updates on maintenance, assistance, financial records, and announcements etc. with each other.

Tackling problems of population, security and environment

Vertical development is a necessary feature of all big cities with growing populations. Cities can’t just keep expanding forever, encroaching on everything in their surroundings. In case of an island like Singapore, that was not even an option. Apartment culture is the natural solution to such a problem. This is certainly going to be the modern face of residential development.

When faced with these conditions, developers can again use smart technologies to make their lives and those of their residents, much easier. Modern smart houses are promising to be greener, and more cost-effective than conventional housing, which suits the millennials across Asia quite well. Already, several companies are conducting research in this field. This is why devices like water- and energy-monitors are being utilized for the best utilization of these important resources.

Security is one of the primary concerns of residents of apartment buildings, particularly in developing countries with burgeoning populations. In these cases, great strides have already been made, with alarm and CCTV systems in wide use around Asia. However, smart technologies aim to further improve these security measures, to ensure a completely safe environment for all residents.


Efficiency that comes with it

According to a report by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), intelligent efficiency technology can save the commercial and manufacturing real estate sectors over 50 billion dollars. Smart appliances are made to be more energy-efficient than their analogue counterparts.

The greatest utility from such technology, however, comes from the information that they could provide to the users. They can then use the same appliances more efficiently. People managing an apartment building will also have better access to management programs. These can keep track of the progress of maintenance work, smart locks, CCTV footage, emergency alarms or warning systems, and much more.

Resolving the issue of affordable housing

One of the most important issues facing Asia is affordability of homes. Hong Kong has these issues, so does India, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia. Renting a flat in Karachi, Mumbai, Hong Kong or any other major city can be an expensive affair.

Modern design trends that revolve around the applicability of smart technology in apartment units and buildings will be the best solution. It will allow for better use of space and reduce this shortage of housing. It will make affordable housing possible for people looking to buy or rent apartments.

Gaining traction

You might have envisioned a picture of the future in your mind. A world where the lights turn on automatically as you enter your apartment. A world where you can regulate the temperature with a simple voice command. Well, that world may be here faster than you think.

A majority of homes in Asia may not be equipped with smart, Internet-enabled devices yet. However, they soon will be – perhaps in as short a time as half a decade.

Some believe that smart houses will soon be capable of adapting to the residents’ needs. That they’ll be able to assess what people need without any prompting, and monitor body vitals like temperature and heart rate. Well, with every passing day it seems that this sci-fi vision for the future usually seen in movies is probably already here.

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