Why is Microsoft Access Database still in Use?

Updated October 6, 2023

The Microsoft Access database application has been in the picture since 1992 which featured version 1.0. During this time, it was rated as an innovative application, as a lot of relational databases were costly or DOS applications. MS Access was an excellent deal at $99.

Now, there is powerful database server software that can be downloaded for free available and are available as open source. Microsoft also has a free to download SQL Server Express Edition, which can be utilized for short projects. a licensed SQL Server might be installed already on-site and be accessible whereas more robust variants of SQL Server are still in range for most projects’ budgets.

Then why use MS Access now?

Access for Business

The purpose of working on Access is that it instantly meets business requirements for many kinds of small database solutions. It is an extremely productive tool hence useful results can instantly be produced that assist your business. The most comfortable part is with the project budgeting, product, and handling of the application.

Microsoft Access Database is also a GUI toolkit, unlike many other databases. It is with everything you require to create databases that are appropriate for a small business, workgroup, department, or series of plans.

Flexible and Portable

One characteristic that several users like is its portability as it is effortless to copy or move, as it is in an Excel file. Since an Access app has the option to be placed in one file it is simple to copy the database for other techniques, such as to duplicate to other locations or make a new project. IT personnel might flinch at these characteristics, but other users usually like this feature as it provides great adaptability. You can also enjoy the benefit of Desktop as a Service from a reliable Daas Provider.

Many users apprehend that once they work on Access, they are able to understand it, due to its adaptability. It is comparatively effortless to perform changes to modify it to their dynamic business requirements.


MS Access is surviving for over 25 years. Although Microsoft has not been updating the product enough for the last 10 years, predictions of its extinction have been hugely overstated. It continues to be the 6th most popular relational database according to surveys.

Even though Access is a valuable database, there are valid reasons not to adapt Access on database projects. Access should not be used for the following:

  • Databases with regulated and sensitive data
  • Databases that need role and user-based protection
  • Large to mediocre databases
  • Apps with a lot of simultaneous users
  • Large scale and high-performance data logging
  • Databases with a custom-programmed or web-based front ends

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