7 Internet Browsing Habits That You Should Apply

Updated October 6, 2023

This is guest post by Tatosgr, who blogs at HowtoNew.com, you can also write for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

“Browsing is fun”, a common phrase we hear from Internet ”noobs”, but actually is the opposite. Being a newbie in the Internet it’s a direct translation to security risks, cracking, virus, malwares, etc., that’s why we, the ones who have some experience share it in forums and blogs (mostly). But most users don’t know how to use this tools. Putting this aside, here’s a little guide of some of the recommended habits when browsing.

Browsing Habits

Using a secure browser

A browser is that thing where you browse (Chrome, Firefox, IE) I consider this the most important of all. We browse within a browser; this is the car we use when we’re on a trip, so we must use a safe one. Here’s a list of the most used, safe and fast browsers I recommend:

Chrome (By Google)

Firefox (By Mozilla)


Safari (By Apple)

I strongly recommend Chrome, it’s fast, safe, simple and light, perfect for new users. Although I have nothing against Firefox, Opera or Safari.

But personally, I suggest not to use Internet Explorer, as everyone know, is the most slow and insecure of all, and doesn’t support HTML5 nor CSS3.

Using a trusty search engine

Is where you do your search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!). As we all know, not every search engine is safe, there are some that are not that trustworthy and mostly lead to infected sites, that’s why we need to know which ones to use.






As before, I put this in recommendation order, you are free to use any of these that you want.

NOTE: Ask.com is not that powerful, but it’s still considered when talking about SEO.

Downloading Software

A very important issue. Some people look for things like “free ccleaner” or “download firefox for free”, NEVER DO THIS! For example, CCleaner and Firefox are free, so there’s no need to type “free” in the search.

Here’s a tip, when looking for a software, just type it “CCleaner”, or sometimes “CCleaner home page”; most of the time this will take you to the Software’s home page and here you can download it or just check if it’s free or not.

If it’s free, download it, if it’s a paid software, look for a trial before buying it, this to know if it worth the money. Never look for cracks or serials, this is illegal, and some of this websites are dangerous.

WOT: Web of trust

WOT is a chrome extension that gather the rates that users give to a certain webpage, blog or forum, then gives a rate to the page. A image worth a thousand words. With the search “crack ccleaner” I get this results in Google.

safe browsing

See the red circles, that means that that page is definitely not of trust. You can download this extension from the Chrome Extension Gallery.

Be a good reader: don’t be a Troll!

By experience, I’ve found many users that go into a blog (doing a bad query), then found a post not related with what his/her is looking for, and then comment things that are consider “Trolling”. This term is used to identify people that goes into a web page to just pick up a fight.

By example, I said that I like Chrome, then someone goes like:

“chrome sucks! ie r0cks!1 you dont know anything. im telling all my friends to stop readin u”

Put that into a high level of insult, grammar faults and several other users arguing with him/her, and you get a mess. That is called being a Troll. Don’t be a Troll.

This space is public, if you want to argue with the author, do it gentle and with bases.

“I don’t find Chrome very usable. It consumes a lot of RAM and I only have 512MB, so I think it just not good for me. Firefox don’t help that much either. I use IE because it came with Windows and it doesn’t consume that much resources. I haven’t tested Safari or Opera yet”

This is a nice example of an argue, you have your reasons put it in a nice order, no grammar faults and letting others to know what you’re dealing with and feel willing to help or agree with you.

Web Services

There are countless web services that do countless stuff. How can we use them to improve our browsing?

– Google Reader: an RSS/Feed reader

Photoshop.com: an image editor brought by Adobe, very similar to PS and with a lot of tools.

Jotti: scan files for viruses online

Picasa, flickr, Imageshack: picture hosting sites

YouConvertIt: convert videos online

There are many, but this are the most that I use, so don’t think I pick this because they’re my favorites.

Web Mail

This is also important. Choosing a mail provider is as important as the mail itself.


Windows Live Hotmail

Yahoo! Mail


I’ll be one sided here and say that Gmail is the best, I’d use both Yahoo! Mail and WLHotmail and Gmail is far better (chat, video chat, free call (in US only), etc.).

Everything in excess is bad

Remember, there’s life outside the PC, don’t stay all day in front of the monitor checking for Facebook’s notifications or Twitter’s replies. Rest your eyes, you hands and head.

Author Bio:- This post was written by TatoSgr, one of the authors of How-To New. Don’t forget to visit us, How-To New.


  • Isn’t it also important to have an antivirus on you computer? Which one would you recommend? I use Unthreat Antivirus, have you ever heard of it?

  • Digital Gupshup

    i use only firefox to browse websites….

  • Exactly, it’s very slow and insecure, that’s why I never recommend it. And that new version doesn’t seem to beat neither Firefox nor Crhome

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Internet Explorer is really very slow. Although they are going to launch a new version, but i don’t think it will beat firefox and chrome.

  • Just quoting yourself
    “Everything in excess is bad

    Remember, there’s life outside the PC, don’t stay all day in front of the monitor checking for Facebook’s notifications or Twitter’s replies. Rest your eyes, you hands and head.” loool
    P.D. I love trolling

  • A. Tatum

    Good read. I stopped using IE about 3 or 4 years ago. It’s nothing but trouble. I wish my job would get rid of it.

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