Here is a Proven Guide on How to Promote Your Podcast on SoundCloud

Updated October 6, 2023

In present times, podcasts are a popular medium for exploring a vast array of content. Audiences are increasingly finding themselves drawn to podcasts, and unsurprisingly, so businesses are searching for attracting loyal markets.

Before creating a podcast or podcast series, a business should consider several aspects like the nature of its content, the regularity of intended updates, and its targeted audience. It needs to consider how much money and time can be practically set aside for podcasting. It should also consider the platforms that’ll be used to host, share, and promote the content.

SoundCloud is one of the most popular streaming audio platforms used to host and promote podcasts. However, as with most social media content, it isn’t enough to generate one-time traffic to a podcast. For the podcast to work for the business, it’s crucial to keep the audience hooked for more. Hence, this is prudent to get more information about generating more audience attention to the company’s podcasts in a profitable manner.

Podcast on SoundCloud

Why Concentrate on SoundCloud for Podcast Promotion?

SoundCloud is a unique service that allows for hosting, sharing, collaborating on multiple types of audio content. It’s compatible with various file formats that make the user experience satisfactory over a range of devices. It also allows for social networking and commenting, besides allowing followers to like and share the files.

Investing in Soundcloud for Podcast can be rewarding as it lets the podcasters reach a broad audience. It allows for easy expansion of the follower base. Moreover, SoundCloud files are easy to embed in other social platforms like blogs. This enables multiplatform sharing and is likely to draw more audience to the podcasts.

As a platform, SoundCloud allows its users to choose plans that offer detailed analytics of the podcasts. Besides, they have a dedicated FAQ section specifically for promoting podcasts. Such services enable a venture to strategize and plan to optimize traffic for their content. Here are a few pointers to get a head start on the game.

Tips to Promote Podcasts on SoundCloud

Use Images that Build the Brand

Using an impressionable Profile Avatar to choose accompanying images of quality for each podcast, how a brand makes its impression on the virtual audience can be crucial to the stats for the user account. Memorable yet straightforward visuals are likely to attract more audience hits than podcasts with too much or too little visuals.

Create Tags to Build Network

Like other music files on SoundCloud, podcasts need to be labeled adequately for a new audience to find them. Creating as many relevant tags as necessary can make the podcast more discoverable. At the same time, tags need to be concise and accurate. Misleading tags may put off potential followers from coming back for more episodes.

Use SEO friendly Naming Trends

Keeping abreast of trends that are most likely to give the podcast a ranking boost in search results can enable publicizing the podcast to a large extent. The use of specific tools can help determine the trends. For instance, titles with popular keywords and questions have been noted to fare relatively better than other labels.

Add Links for Reposting, Buying, Parent websites, and Social Media Profiles

If the audience is receptive to the podcast content, they will most likely be willing to repost the content on their networks using the available button. They may also help buy content or donate to keep the episodes flowing at its regular pace. Links to payment sites like PayPal can easily be added to SoundCloud uploads. Further, the podcast can also be linked to a parent website, e-site, and other websites like iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, to name a few. It’s a good idea to link social media profiles in the upload and vice versa to generate more traffic to the sites. Linking the SoundCloud files to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ is relatively easy as all one needs to do is set the account for auto-posting.

Reposting and adding subscription links to emails and chain mails to an existing client base can also direct traffic the podcasts.

Use Features of SoundCloud Effectively

There are many ways SoundCloud works to a user’s advantage. Using these features wisely can lead to creating genuine traffic to the content. Two such features are:

The Waveform
SoundCloud’s Waveform has versatile uses. Not only does it allow the audience to comment and leave feedback, but it can also be a pace for the uploader to start conversations, build brand awareness, and to connect with listeners in real-time. When a conversation is carried out with talent, the audience must keep coming back for more. This space can also request the audience to share, like, and repost the link.

Ability to share privately and publicly
Sharing podcasts in stages can lead to better audience responses. SoundCloud enables users to share their uploads privately. This allows users to collaborate over work in progress, get preliminary feedback, and ensure the podcast’s intent is not compromised. Once initial feedback is accumulated and modifications are made as necessary, it is easier to promote the podcast on a larger scale across multiple platforms like blogs and social media platforms.


Still, to reach its prime, podcasting is a competitive yet experimental game. However, over the past few years, Podcasts have proven to be an excellent SEO generation tool for several ventures. A well-promoted podcast can boost a business’s ranking by leaps. SoundCloud, too has proven to be a reliable site for building markets using podcasts. To uncover its potential is, however, up to each venture.

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