6 Amazing Twitter Tools for Twitter Users

Updated October 6, 2023

With so many new Twitter tools coming up every day, it’s difficult to decide which ones are best for managing your twitter account. Here’s a look at the most amazing twitter tools that provide analytics, block spam accounts, expose your content, tracks your growth and more.

1# Followerwonk, analytics tool


Followerwonk is a free analytics tool from SEOmoz that helps you search, analyze and optimize your account for social growth. The tool is available as free and paid versions and can be accessed from your Twitter account. The tool has four main functions and allows you to export your search to a CSV file and saves your recent findings.

“Search Twitter” bios enable your target customers or new twitter users to follow by keyword. You can later sort the results page by the user’s influence, followers, following, age, etc. You can also follow them on Twitter right from the results page.

“Compare users” allows you compare your social statistics with up to three other Twitter users, highlighting metrics such as common followers, number of tweets and how many people they follow.

“Analyze followers” help you in finding out the most influential people in your network, the inactive followers and the most visited sites of your Twitter followers and more.

“Track followers” help you dive deeper into your follower’s twitter statistics. It tracks the changes made to your social graph.

Overall, Followerwonk is a great addition to social media tools that helps you to identify your most influential followers which is crucial for any social media campaign since they are your lowest hanging fruit.

2# Tweriod, gives you the best time to tweet


Tweriod is a Twitter tool that helps you find out the best time of the day to tweet. Once you sign up with your Twitter account, the tool analyses your tweets and your followers’ tweets and generates a report. The report shows you the best time and day of the week to tweet so as to get the highest exposure for you content. In other words the analysis gives you the time and day that your followers are most active on Twitter, which helps you share your tweets more effectively. The tool is simple to use and is very informative.

3# inboxQ, listen to questions related to your industry


Another interesting tool that business can use to quickly track the conversations is inboxQ. Because every question gives you business, it is important that you find questions that people are asking on Twitter.

Since lots of chats and tweets are happening every second, opportunities tend to go waste if these questions remain unanswered. Even Twitter has no proper function to handle such questions. But inboxQ helps you to listen to questions people are asking on Twitter. Inboxq lets you set up a campaign by adding keywords for the questions and then extracts the questions from Twitter that contain those keywords.

For instance, you are an online soft drink distributor; the keywords could be “best soft drink,” or just “soft drink.” Next, inboxQ will extract questions from Twitter including those keywords. By answering these questions, you’re able to prove yourself as an expert in your niche and gain new followers. This is a great tool to help you gain new potential audience.

4# Twitblock, the best spam account blocker


Are you sick of listening to unwanted noise and tracking spam accounts? Here is where Twitblock tool comes in. Twitblock is a free tool that scans your followers for signs of spam and lets you block the unscrupulous ones in one click. Depending on the number of followers, the complete scan could take some time to complete.

5# TweetDeck, keep in touch with real-time conversations


TweetDeck is the best desktop app that adds flexibility and insight to power users. This is your personal browser which makes it easy for publishers and power users to keep in touch with the real-time conversations they care about. Its customized layout helps you to keep updated with the people and news that matter most to you. Also, the app allows you to participate in the conversation by tweeting, sharing photos and links to news topics, and more. TweetDeck makes online marketing more easy and simple and can be managed from anywhere by your mobile.

6# Hoote suite, manage twitter accounts from mulitple platforms

Hoote suite

Hoote suite is yet another social media dashboard that allows you to mange Twitter as well as other social media platforms. Its unique feature is that it allows teams and multiple users to collaboratively update the social media accounts from one secure web-based dashboard. Also, it helps in following team members’ posts. These features are ideal for businesses and organizations to jointly execute campaigns across multiple social media platforms. You can use the free plan if you have less than five profiles to manage. But if you have unlimited social profiles, it’s better to go for paid plans.

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  • Gaurav Sharma- Alexa Traffic Rank

    You can use Justretweet.com and easyretwweet.com to increase the number of retweets of your tweet, which may help your article to gain more exposure and more traffic from twitter platform.
    One more app for unfollow those persons who are not follow you back…

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