Guest Photo Sharing Apps And Why They’re A MUST At Your Wedding

Updated October 6, 2023

Your photographer should capture some of the most beautiful moments of your wedding day, from the bride’s walk down the aisle to the guests dabbing at their eyes throughout the speeches. But your guests are also great at capturing images the photographer might have missed or that you weren’t even there to witness.

These could be images of groups of friends having a good time and a selfie together, another angle to your wedding dance, the mothers of the bride and groom having a good gossip in the corner and Granddad having a quick snooze after dinner.

Allowing your guests to be a part of documenting the day also makes it that little bit extra special for them and encourages them to get snap happy with their phones and cameras. It also allows you to locate and keep your favorite photos taken by guests, instead of trawling through various albums on Facebook.

Here are some examples of great photo sharing apps to try, to get your guests involved on the big day:


Guest Photo Sharing Apps

One of the most popular photo and video sharers, this app is completely free to use and allows your guests to create albums that can be viewed by everyone signed in to the app using a unique ID. Guests can capture unlimited photos and videos and then you can download them in high res when you get on your laptop after the honeymoon.

Cake Face

Guest Photo Sharing Apps

This is a fun app, which does cost a fee ($199 – so around £129), but would be a lot of fun to use on your big day. The service allows guests to upload their photos to the app and in real time these are displayed on a projector at the wedding reception (you will need to arrange this yourself) for all to see! Now, it all depends on who you’re inviting but you might want to put out a reminder that any funny but rude shots should be avoided, especially if there are kids and grandparents in attendance!

After the event and live stream you then have your very own private online photo album, which you can treasure forever and download and print.

Set up an Instagram hashtag

One of the simplest ways of sharing photos is to create a hashtag for Instagram that guests can include on any pictures they take and upload to the app. Once people start using the hashtag you can search for it on Instagram and find all the photos from the day to browse through – although bear in mind these won’t be high resolution so you can’t take any for your wedding album, it’s just a fun way of pulling together all the snaps taken.

Keep your hashtag simple and be prepared to be a little disappointed when all the basic ones have been used before – it’s safe to say hashtags such as #jackandsarahswedding are probably taken.

With all these amazing photo sharing services available it might be time to ditch the photographer and perhaps move a little more money towards other things, such as a stunning wedding ring from or an ice cream truck outside the venue – like you always dreamed of having!

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