How to Check the Writing Service and Make Sure It’s Legit?

Updated October 6, 2023

The assignments and writing demands in higher institutions are so lofty that they could be outright frustrating. However, assignments don’t stop coming, and failure to do them may adversely affect your grades. But the internet has made the task a whole lot easier. Instead of sacrificing some hours of partying for assignments, you can now outsource the work to online writing agencies. But never be too desperate.

Desperation pushes you into the mistake of not hiring the best writer, thus, suffering your grades. As cash-strapped students, you may be looking for a cheap writing agency. However, you should steer clear of writing agencies whose pricing quotes are less than fair or whose promises are outrageous. Such agencies may end up turning out subpar work or may not end up delivering the work.

To avoid hiring dubious writing agencies, you should do extensive preliminary research. You can read Chegg, Course Hero, or Studybay reviews online and visit the website of each of these companies to see if the service is legit or a scam. The quality of their services could be determined by their deadline compliance, customer relations, quality of writers, the user interface of their website, and years of experience, amongst others.

Writing Service

Choosing The Best Online Writing Agency

There are countless websites available to handle your writing jobs. But as much as they are, it could be hard to find a legit, reliable, and quality writing agency. Make your online search for good writing firms easier by doing the following:

1. Check The Quality And Suitability Of Their Writers

The basis of whether writing services would turn out a good job is their expertise and experience. Do they have writers with relevant knowledge, can they write a particular type of article? Are they native English speakers? How many similar articles have they previously handled? By answering these and many other questions, you would have chosen which writers are best for you.

Sometimes, a writing agency may boast of brilliant writers but their profile doesn’t fit what you want. A Ph.D. dissertation writing cannot be handled by a Bsc holder in the same discipline. In the same way, writers with ample experience of writing Masters’s essays may not have the relevant experience to write children’s books.

2. Check Their Price

The importance of fair pricing when seeking writing help cannot be overstated. Their pricing quote should not go overboard or be too cheap. It should be reasonable and affordable.

Some writing agencies use cheap prices to lure cash-strapped students into using their services. They end up delivering sub-par work, thereby affecting such students’ grades. On the other hand, overpriced writing help would amount to the student paying significantly higher than the value provided. Thus, getting a fair price is the best recommendation.

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews go a long way to determine whether a writing service is illegal or reliable. If past customer reviews are satisfactory, such a writing firm may be worth taking a punt. If not then, you can find other services to use.

It is also worth noting that you should examine customer reviews to know the agency’s strengths and weaknesses. An agency may have countless bad reviews for not being able to meet fast turnaround deadlines. You cannot outsource assignments to such an agency and expect them in a day. They would most likely disappoint you.

Before placing an order, check out online ratings and writing service evaluations on websites such as Edu-reviews or Reviewcentre.

Writing Service Tips

4. Plagiarism And Deadlines

As students, plagiarism and deadlines are so important that falling short may cost you grades or land you in trouble. So, it is important to know their plagiarism and deadline policy before using writing help.

Do they have a reputation for skipping deadlines? Is their unique content sacred to them? Were there customer reviews regarding their plagiarism and deadline compliance? These questions would enable you to determine whether a writing service would not land you in hot soup.

5. Customer Care And Support

Another factor that distinguishes a legit writing agency is its level of customer care, support, and communication. Good writing services would offer round-the-clock availability, easy communication with writers, live chat, and effective communication with the writing agency’s management.

6. Content Editing And Free Revisions

A top-end writing agency should boast a top-notch proofreading, editing, and revision network. Ideally, their works should not turn out badly or require revisions. However, when it does, the agency should have a board of top-end professionals that can handle any sub-par work written by its writers.

They should also be able to offer free after-delivery revisions and editing, bonuses, and discounts on prices, amongst other incentives.

Studybay Review 

Taking into consideration all that’s mentioned above, let’s take a closer look at one of the services, namely Studybay. Studybay connects ambitious students with professionals in their fields who can help them with assignments, theses, essays, articles, dissertations, and every other form of writing. It is an online platform for student-professional collaboration.

However, it can also be used by any other writing type. You don’t have to be a student to utilize Studybay. As long as you can find an expert on the platform to handle your job, you are good to go.

Is Studybay Legit? 

Having listed out how to distinguish a fake online writing help from a credible one, you may ask; is Studybay a scam?

Studybay is not illegal and has never been associated with fraud. No one has confirmed Studybay cheating. As indicated in these reviews, the platform offers brilliant writing services. Its experts are professionals and professors in their various disciplines of study. You won’t be disappointed with this choice. Studybay doesn’t involve itself in cheating. Meanwhile, it stands out among other reliable writing agencies because:

  • Qualified Community Of Experts: Studybay has an unparalleled community of experts, including professors, accomplished writers, freelance researchers, journalists, and essay experts from all over the world. It also has a large variety of experts in all fields, including law, engineering, philosophy, medicine, arts, and music, amongst others.
  • Fair Pricing: Its prices are reasonable and affordable. The prices are not too exorbitant or too low. Studybay offers competitive, pocket-friendly prices that reflect the magnitude of your writing project.
  • Discounts and Bonuses: Studybay knows how cash-strapped students can be. So, the writing agency provides some free bonuses and discounts to reduce prices. For example, a first-time user will enjoy log-in bonuses and discounts on each referral made. When writing a thesis, you can also get your title page and bibliography pages for free.
  • Clients’ Information Confidentiality: Studybay also has a privacy policy that instructs its experts not to divulge their clients’ information to third parties. It is an agency reliable for informational safety.
  • Plagiarism-Free Contents: Studybay helps you create original content from scratch. So, it is 100% unique and fits perfectly with your writing demands. The uniqueness of the style, choice of words, main idea, and research make for an overall decent copy.

Besides, the service uses an integrated plagiarism checker to determine the plagiarism report. You can ask for the plagiarism report from Studybay writers upon delivery.

  • Deadline Compliance: Deadlines are also sacred at Studybay. The organization makes sure your writing job gets done on or before the deadline.

However, it is important to note that you should set the deadline days before the actual submission date. Thus, you can enjoy ample formatting and editing from Studybay’s after-delivery services.

  • After-Delivery Editing And Services: The platform offers a 30-day after-delivery revision duration. In those 30 days, you can bring your write-up for unlimited editing, proofreading, and formatting. Studybay doesn’t charge an extra dime for this.
  • Proper Referencing: Studybay uses the proper referencing for each case. With decades of valuable experience, their writers know how to utilize every academic-level reference. They can make citations in Chicago, APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard styles.
  • Quality Control: You may still be skeptical of Studybay because independent writers can create sub-par copy, although they are capable of doing better. Studybay has a quality control team to review your articles and make sure they have the essentials.

The quality control team is an internal body of specially verified, top-notch professionals. They review your write-up to make sure it meets the highest standards. They check for grammar, plagiarism, style, citations, and completeness in the text.

If they perceive that your write-up doesn’t meet the required quality, they will give the writing job to another writer.

Do you still doubt whether Studybay is worth your attention? You can use this online review tool to compare Studybay with each of its counterparts.

Check the Writing Service Legit or Not

Is Outsourcing Writing Tasks Illegal?

It is one thing to employ a trustworthy writing agency for your writing task. However, students sometimes believe the whole process of outsourcing assignments is illegal. How true is that?

Outsourcing your assignments and writing is completely legal. No institution has made laws prohibiting students from seeking writing help. As long as the copy is not another person’s research or plagiarized work, you are good to go.

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