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Why Google Is Not Updating PageRank?

The search engine Google, came up with an algorithm called “PageRank’ to rank sites on their search results. The algorithm was named so after one of Google’s founders, Larry Page. This was the first algorithm which Google came up with and it has been the most popular one.

Page Rank Gone

Thus PageRank can be described as a link analyzing algorithm which attaches weight numerically to those set of hyperlinked documents for example the ‘world wide web’ to be able to measure its relative significant within that set. Thus the rank value is an indicator of the level of importance of any particular page. In case a page does not have links then it is not considered to be significant.

Google was updating the Pagerank after every 3 months. Then there was a sudden stop in the update, Dec. 4 2013 was the date, when the PR was last updated. Situation is even worse, Matt Cutts clearly stated that it would be surprise, if the PR would be updated next year. In other words he is saying that next update of page rank will be in the year of 2015 (probably).

Matt Cutts Twitter Tweet


Early Negative Signs From Google

These past couple of years supporters of PageRank algorithm has decreased. Google itself never offered any add-on or even a toolbar for Google’s Chrome to show the value of PageRank algorithm. Only the passé Internet Explorer still seems to have the Google offer of PageRank, however the data is old since it has not been updated.

Reasons why google isn’t going to give an update anytime soon

  • Broken pipeline

The reason for the PageRank algorithm to have gone down is that the pipeline which Is required to send updates is broken and Google doesn’t see it to be necessary to fix it. Which makes it clear that the PageRank is heading towards deterioration since the data would be out of date.

  • Reminders on quality links

Google has been reminding people that the PageRank is not determined by the quality of your website or your webpage. However if the static links are well connected to the home page and lead to the specific pages of the website then it can have a positive effect on the ranking of your website. To get a good page ranking its important to let the others know about the quality of your website content so that the ones who are linking to your website with higher page rank will help you get a better ranking.

  • Difficulty in installing toolbars

The fact that installing toolbars became difficult with the newer versions of the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome did not even have a toolbar made PageRank algorithm seem less usable. PageRank updates are more or less decayed now and with will fade away with time. There seems almost no scope for Google to revive or update the PageRank algorithm.

A lot has been said about PageRank algorithm coming back, but if speculations are to be compared with the Google’s statements and if logic and reason be drawn from them, then it is highly unlikely to happen. While nothing has been confirmed but looking at how PageRank got updated only once in the current year, it is time we say Goodbye to it or at least for now.

Sara Xiang is working as a freelance writer, infographics creator and social media marketer. According to her opinion, the page rank is the crucial thing to check the website authority. Recently she started writing for Great Barrier Reef Tours because she has special skills of writing for traveling.