Get Ready to Party with 5 Classic Group Card Games

Updated October 6, 2023

Do you miss the days of gathering around the dining room table with your friends and family to enjoy a rousing game night? You know, those nights where laughter is plentiful, stories are shared, and everyone has a fantastic time together? Refresh those memories because it’s time for a night filled with card games!

With our selection of strategic and silly card games below, dust off that gaming table in your basement and invite some friends for an unforgettable evening. From beloved classics to new strategies designed to engage would-be players from all walks of life – let’s make any event extraordinary by finding the perfect game for your friend group!

Nonstop Amusement with Your Group Through Card Games

Classic Group Card Games

Card games have the power to keep everyone entertained. If you’re looking for the best, below are some classic card games your friend group will love:

1. Spoons

For newbies who aren’t accustomed to card games, a great game used as an introduction would be Spoons. Since it’s primarily played by kids (and kids-at-heart), everyone will immediately get its primary objective. All you need to play is a standard deck of cards, enough spoons for each player minus one, and lots of laughs. It’s like musical chairs, but better!

The goal of Spoons is for players to pick up cards and discard them as quickly as possible. Each player gets their turn until one receives a four-of-a-kind. After that, each player should get a spoon from the center! The player who didn’t get a spoon gets a letter until they complete the word S-P-O-O-N, and then they’re out. The last player standing wins!

2. Cribbage

A traditional card game that was initially designed for two players but can now be played with more is Cribbage. It’s a unique card game where players must match or group cards in particular combinations to score a point. Due to its popularity, free Cribbage games are available everywhere, so you can easily access them if you want to practice your skills first.

What you need to remember when playing Cribbage:

  • Cribbage board (paper)
  • Pegs (pen)
  • Special scoring system
  • Distinct scoring stages

3. This game is considered Britain’s national card game, which shows how long it’s been around! At the end of each round, tallying up the points and declaring a winner will take no time at all. If you want to access free Cribbage games, check out Cribbage Online or Cribbage JD!

4. President

If you want to spend your night playing countless rounds of card games, President should be on top of your list. It’s a fast-paced game where you must get rid of your cards immediately. Points are given to the first and second player to do so!

If you’re the first player to eliminate your cards, you’re the President and receive two points. The second player receives one point, and they become the vice-president for that round. Meanwhile, the last player to get rid of their cards is named the pond scum.

Unfortunately, the pond scum must give the President their highest card in the next round. They’re also responsible for clearing the cards on the table. The player who scores 11 points first wins!

Playing the game will help you understand its gameplay more clearly, so try it today before introducing President to your friends!

5. Nertz

Another fast-paced card game for groups is Nertz. It’s also considered a group Solitaire game with elements of Speed. What sets it apart from other card games is that each player needs a set of cards with unique colors at the back. You can easily find those at dollar stores!

The gameplay:

  • Each player receives 13 cards; 12 are placed face-down on the table, and the 13th is face-up.
  • All players must play at the same time, as fast as they can.
  • All players can play on the Aces at the center by following suit and ranking until the King is reached and turned over until the game ends.
  • Be the first to call out Nerts by eliminating all 13 cards.

A favorite among Solitaire players, Nertz has become a go-to card game during get-togethers! If you haven’t played it before, consider it on your next game night!

6. Ranter Go Round

Also known as Bohemian Poker, Chicago Shuffle, and Chase the Stick, Ranter Go Round is a Cornish card game that players of all ages can enjoy. It’s ideal for five to 20 players at best, so everyone can join in the fun!

Each player requires a deck of cards and three counters: pennies, beans, etc. Counters are considered your “lives,” which entails you can lose a life if you have the lowest card after each round.

The highest card is King, and players will decide if they want to keep or pass their cards to the next player in hopes of getting a higher card. Once all players pass their cards, the dealer will cut the deck. If a King is shown, the dealer loses a life. If not, all players will show their cards, and the player with the lowest card loses a life. If several players have a low card, they all lose a life.

Once a player loses all lives, they’re kicked out of the game. Each round in Ranter Go Round is played quickly, so it’s okay if there are many of you playing. Even those who were kicked out won’t have to wait long until they can join again!

Start the Music and Play an Exciting Round of Card Games

Are you having a party soon? Do you want to add more games to your arsenal? If so, the games above will keep your friend group excited and amused all night! Whether you want something lighthearted like Spoons and President or something more serious like Cribbage, our list will bring you endless delight to share with your group. What are you waiting for? Gather your friends now and play a card game that can give you endless hours of entertainment!

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