Gaining Facts that Can Help You Making Choice Between Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X

Updated October 6, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S3 (19300) and HTC One X are both quad-core processor phones in the market. They both are very attractive and high in demand in market. Both smart phones have excited the customers and have gained too much popularity. However, there are some differences in these two phones.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs HTC One X

Samsung Galaxy S3 is slightly taller than HTC One X. However, they both are very thin. You can carry them anywhere. Women can easy settle them within their purses. They both contain high functionalities. You can use them for all kinds of their daily routine things and for more intelligent help. They are very close friends and efficient companions to their owners. They both run Android Operating System. However, they do have slight differences.

Samsung Galaxy S3 runs 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) version of Android in it. On other hand, HTC One X runs 4.0.3 Android Version. They both have very adorable user interfaces. They both have very light touch screens as well. On other side, HTC One X has 1.5 GHz capacity in its processor.  Contrarily, Samsung Galaxy has 1.4 GHz capacity in its processor. These slight differences in these phones don’t make too much difference in purchasing decision for customers. However, you must keep these differences in mind if you are selecting one of these phones.

Both smart phones have almost same size of RAM. However, there is slight difference in RAM also. Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1 GB RAM, while HTC One X has 1024 MB of RAM in it. In Storage, Samsung Galaxy S3 takes the lead. It has three different kinds of storage choices. You can get 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage in Samsung Galaxy S3.  Samsung Galaxy S3 carries flash memory. On other side, HTC One X has only 32 GB of storage option. Further, you can use only 25 GB of memory in HTC One X. Also, HTC One X holds 2 GB for applications.

Removable memory is the feature that really brings good attribute for Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Galaxy S3 can take up to 64 GB of removable storage.  On other side, HTC One X does not have removable storage capacity.

Battery wise, Samsung Galaxy S3 is more powerful as well. Samsung Galaxy S3 carries 2100 mAh for its battery. On other side, HTC One X has only 1800 mAh power for its memory.

Display of Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X is not different. Samsung Galaxy S3 has 4.8 inch with 1280×720 pixels. On other side, HTC One X carries 4.7 inch with 1280×720 pixels. One inch of screen difference really doesn’t bring any more attraction to Samsung Galaxy S3. They both have same size in pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X both have Bluetooth connectivity. Both of these smart phones support Wi-Fi.    Both of these phones have 8 pixel rear cameras. However, Samsung Galaxy S3 has 1.9 megapixels of front camera. On other side, HTC One X carries 1.3 megapixels in its front camera.


If you look, these phones have almost same size and same features. However, they differ slightly with each other. Your choice can depend on your need and use of your smart phone. We are sure that our comparison of these two smart phones has brought some facts in your cognizance.

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