Nokia N8- An Influential Mobile

Updated October 6, 2023

For the mobile lovers, Nokia has launched a new activity that is called Nokia N8. It is a great offer by the house of Nokia for the people who love technology and modern functions in the mobiles. You might be familiar with the Nokia’s “N” series. This mobile is a continuity of N series. Saying Nokia N8 is a powerful mobile will be true because it contains latest and modern features that were the dreams for the users of Nokia mobiles. There are many discussions and debates available about the quality features of this mobile but the readers must have a source that can inform them about each and everything in a single shift. Well, those who are looking for the latest features and functions of Nokia N8 should review the previous models to find the differences.

nokia n8

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Appearance and shining features

First of all the appearance of this mobile should be taken. As a matter of fact the users like to use something beautiful and attractive that’s why most of the mobiles that give generous and sophisticated looks are popular and famous. It’s not assumption but a true factor that clears the reasons of Nokia N8 popularity. This mobile phone is available in different colors and designs. Availability of mobile casings has made these mobile more attractive and beautiful. Different shades of dark gray, silver, blue, orange and green colors are available so the users have great options to select the colors liked by them. Most of the youngsters like this Smartphone because it offers the freaky users great utility and appearance.

Light weight and full screen

Nokia N8 is a powerful mobile but it offers delicate and sophisticated features such as light weights and large screen displays. The people who love to watch the movies and video clips on mobiles are happy to use this mode. There is high quality video playing features and sounds that give a view like theaters. The weight of this mobile phone is 135 grams. Yes, its light weighted and sophisticated so the people who don’t like heavy mobile sets can use this phone. Large screen display enables the viewers to enjoy high quality videos on their mobiles. The fast video streaming also facilitates the users to enjoy online watching.

Fun and entertainment

The availability of 12 Megapixel cameras forces the users to explore the world of pleasure and enjoyment.  The Carl Zeiss optics in camera of Nokia N8 enables the users to avoid accidently capturing bad images and pictures.  It means the image and video quality of this mobile will always be higher and amazing so the users can capture the scenes even in terrible light conditions where backgrounds and surroundings don’t support quality pictures.

Great storage memory and reasonable prices

Nokia N8 offers micro SD memory card slots. However, the normal storage capacity of this mobile is 16 GB but you can increase this range with the help of SD slots up to 32 GB. The price ranges of Nokia N8 are reasonable and attractive for the users.

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    After so many experiments, Nokia was successfully able to launch its new mobiles.. and the upcoming list of mobiles like Nokia 500 and Nokia C5-03 are just awesome…

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