Free X-Setup Pro 9.2 With Free License Activation Key

Updated October 6, 2023

Recently HQDC which are the freeware and shareware software provider announced, they due to insolvency they are going to shut down all the products for further updates and new version. Due to that decision now you can download there previous softwares for free. The one which is very popular software is X-Setup Pro, a system tweaking software that provide out class features to organize your system. It provides more then 1500 features or hacks for windows and that is why it is known as the industry leading software. By hack it does not mean that it will hack your computer, but it provides you the ability to hack your own windows and add cool features to your OS.

X-Setup Pro free

X-Setup Pro provides a explorer based interface where you can perform 1500 different hacks and 840 hidden functions. It is very simple and provides wizards and resources to help you in working with X-Setup Pro easily. Another thing that makes it more popular is that it need only 5 MB RAM to run. If you want to close the software, then after closing there will be no activity running on the background related to X-Setup Pro.

There is no need to worry about the windows original settings, because at any stage you can easily revert the setting the original setting. That is what makes X-Setup more enhance then any other tweaking software. So grab this opportunity and get this wonderful software completely for free.

Get X-Setup Pro 9.2 For Free

1. Visit the promo page and download X-Setup and then use the license code to activate the software. You can find the license key there.

Download X-Setup Pro

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