Five Ways to Earn Money While Blogging on Skin Care and Beauty

Updated October 6, 2023

In my five years of Blogging and Internet Marketing career, I’ve always found it weird to see people flocking the already crowded niches, with hundreds of new blogs being launched on daily basis. Majority of new bloggers fall for the popular topic like “get rich quick (AKA make money online), tech and gadgets, SEO and Internet Marketing, Social Media, and the likes. Even the topics which are supposed to be less popular (e.g. health) are swarmed by blogs taking a similar route like weight loss.

From time to time, I keep advocating and suggesting distinctive yet interesting subject matters to my clients, which are not so competitive, while having equally impressive potential to develop into a money-spinning venture, and skin care is one such subject (includes but not limited to beauty, makeup, cosmetics, etc). With millions of searches being carried out on search engines (especially Google) on different aspects of skin care, or the cures for skin related ailments, blogging on skin care can bring you good enough income in more than one ways. But before I proceed to the various methods of earning, let me clarify that in no way I am advocating the non-qualified persons writing their own thoughts or views on health related stuff, especially when it comes to giving somebody a medical advice. However, there are many things to cover on a beauty and skin care blog while staying well within the ethical boundaries of blogging.

Back to our topic, following are the five practical ways to earn by blogging on beauty and skin care topics.

1# AdSense

Ad-sense is a service by Google that pays the online publishers for placing ads on their blogs or websites, every time a visitor clicks on one of these ads and lands on the advertiser’s website. There are other companies offering similar programs for bloggers, and it is the first and the foremost way to earn via blogs. A word of caution though, after the Google Panda update (and now the Page layout algorithm), it is important that you think twice before deciding the ad placement on your blog. Also remember that it will take quite some traffic before your blog can start earning substantial income via clicks on ads.

2# Affiliate Marketing

You will find many skin care and fashion products at affiliate marketing networks like commission junction ( or simply searching at Google. In fact you can get in touch with well known brands (e.g. skinstore or Clarisonic) and inquire if they are offering an affiliate program. Selling affiliate products is an art that will take some time to master, but once you are good, affiliate commissions can prove out to be much more than the measly earnings coming from clicks. All you need to do is to build your blog and content carefully around the skin care products you are looking to market.

3# Sponsor Ads

If your skin care blog is attracting good number of visitors, there will be some skin care or cosmetics companies who’d like to get their banner on your blog. Please note that what I am suggesting is different from selling links. You can simply get in touch with the businesses selling skin care products or services with the number of unique visitors, subscribers, or monthly visitors at your blog, if the numbers are impressive, there’s every chance that these companies would like to put their ad on your blog, while paying you a monthly fee in return.

4# Starting a store

So far, all methods described above are dealing with selling other’s products, but there’s nothing like having your own products or services, because that is what allows you to pocket maximum profits. If managing the shipping or packaging is too much of a hassle, you can always try the drop shipping model for your store.

5# Partnering up with a good brand

There will be many skin care and cosmetic brands in the market, which are looking to have some online presence. If you are good at blogging and more importantly SEO and Internet Marketing, you can extend your hands and partner up with one of these brands. Getting into a partnership with a brand might not be easy for starters, but it’s quite possible if you can demonstrate good expertise and skills in the respective fields.

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