Get Banned From Adsense If you Don’t Follow These Tips

Updated October 6, 2023

Any Adsense publisher that wants to be successful in business would have to do any thing humanly possible in order not to get banned.  Google has made it very clear that issues concerning Adsense offences are not just resolved out of the blue moons. You owe it to yourself to be careful. Make sure you follow Google’s terms of service. Google has exceptionally monitoring ability with an Adsense team that does nothing but looking for TOS violators to nail. That will definitely not be good for you.

banned from adsense


A Recent Ban

Now, what are the things you need to avoid as an Adsense publisher?  Believe me, at of people do not even know when they start doing things wrong until that “hammer” lands on their head. Recently, a successful Adsense blog was banned due to lack of Privacy Policy page. The blog was following every other Adsense policy to the knowledge of the owner. But here was his weakness and that Adsense account ‘evaporated’ to the thin air. The owner may have been using this privacy policy page before he got an Adsense account but removed it after some time due to some reasons. Is this case what you have to observe? Find out by assimilating the following rules you must understand and commit to remember.


Don’t Get Banned in Adsense- Follow These Tips

  • You must read, understand and follow Google Adsense terms and conditions.
  • You have to create a Privacy Policy Page in your blog or site.
  • Do not click on your own ads
  • Never promote google ads or urge visitors to click on your ads.
  • Do not paste any licensed material on your blogs or sites.
  • The content of your blog should be of high quality and as unique as possible.
  • Never use contents related to porn, XXX, weapons, illegal, gambling, casino, hacking, tobacco, etc for Adsense.
  • Do not alter your Adsense code.
  • Do not use auto-surf programs or service exchange programs on your Adsense blog or site.
  • Update your site frequently to stay out of the problems caused by old contents.
  • Avoid broken links on your page and make sure your site is easily navigable.
  • Do not keep Google ads in Pop-ups, e-mails, etc.
  • Indulging in the increment of CTR using special methods can easily land you in Google’s black list.
  • Please do not make your ads invisible. [Adsense Ads Placement Tips]
  • Trying to make lots of website with high paying keywords will get you banned.
  • Indulging in spamming as a way of traffic generation to your Adsense blog is an offence
  • Google will definitely ban any site or blog with status as “under construction”. So get your blogs finished.
  • Do not publicize your Adsense earnings for any reason.
  • Do not use click bots to generate clicks.
  • You must be either 18 years of age or above to participate in Google’s Adsense program

If you observe these listed rules in every step you take as an Adsense publisher, you will sure have no problem with Google whatsoever. On the contrary, you will have an automated money-making tool inside your blog.

Author:- Steven Papas is the owner of the In his blog you can find Internet Security and Parental Control software reviews, as well as Acronis coupons and Norton 360 coupons.


  • Hello, recently i got my adsense account. Thanks for info….

  • edit your images free

    but I think there are better oppurtunities if you want to earn online …you will get banned if you think you can earn a lot of money in short time ,so be careful while doing that..

  • FirstHosting

    you are right, google can ban anyone they want because they need their rules to be follow, and this thing got confirmed to me when a popular forum call digitalpoint got their addsence blocked.

    • Bilal Ahmad

      Those who think that they can cheat google, they are putting there account in danger. If google can pay you $10000… then google can also monitor your activities. So always try to not cheat google adsense, they really care about there advertisers.

      • FirstHosting

        Yes, Bilal right, but later on digitalpoint proved that they are not at wrong side, and their addsence is back after some days.

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