Five Types of Bloggers as Per Their Writing Habits – Which One Are You?

Updated October 6, 2023

There must be hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there. It seems like everybody with passable writing skills has got his/her own blog. I myself know hundreds of bloggers and almost each of them seem to have their own routine and approach towards blogging. And just like the fiction writers, all of these bloggers have different writing habits.

I’ve tried to categorize these bloggers in five different types according to their writing habits, let’s take a look.

writing habits of bloggers

Amateur Bloggers

Majority of the bloggers I know are amateurs, coming from different fields of life, and blogging on almost all kinds of topics. I personally like reading the blogs of amateur bloggers, mainly because they write in a very natural way, maybe because they are not as concerned about the monetization. You get to read some original thoughts, which are unaffected by the objectives like using a certain keyword a certain times, or any other SEO factor for that matter. They usually choose a topic which is close to their hearts regardless of the search trends. Coming to the writing habits of amateur bloggers, they usually blog on regular basis, but only as long as they’ve got some spare time on hands, and they’d write 2 – 3 posts each week mixing everything from trendy topics to some noteworthy incident or experience from their lives.

Moody Bloggers

These are usually very good writers, with some of the most original ideas and topics, however they’re largely dependent on their moods to blog. When in mood, they’ll churn out 2 – 3 posts in a matter of hours, but they can’t get themselves to jot down a blog post intentionally. It’s pretty much like a writer’s block, but it’s not really a blockage, because unlike a writer facing a block and struggling to find new ideas, they usually have a lot of ideas. In short, they’re amongst some of the better bloggers, but their mood gets the better of them.

Organized Bloggers

The most successful type of bloggers, apart from writing they’re particularly good at time management, which is very important because most bloggers usually have a full time job and blogging is often a part time activity. They blog in a very systematic manner and you won’t see an interruption in new posts getting published at their blogs. Not only these bloggers are good at time management, they also manage to write on almost any topic which has something to do with their targeted keywords. Give them a seemingly lackluster set of keywords like Acronis discount coupon or Norton 360 promo and they will still manage a blog post revolving around these keywords. Needless to say, this type of blogger manages to make the most of their blogs, in terms of financial gains.

Seasonal Bloggers

You must have come across those blogs that doesn’t get updated for quite some months, and then the blogger returns, start writing again on regular basis, only to go back on “vacations” after some time. I call them the seasonal bloggers. They just keep going and coming back to blogging, and that’s precisely why their blogs never manage to pick up in the true sense, not only that but their blogs have some of the most obsolete themes.

Compulsive Bloggers

These are rare, and arguably the luckiest lot in the entire blogosphere and the most creative ones as well, probably because they are obsessed with the idea of writing. Never short of ideas, since their mind is always focused on the topics they’re blogging on, and they can wheedle out an idea to blog, from almost anything they do, watch, or read.

So, these are the five most common types of bloggers I know, which one do you think you are? Or, maybe I have missed a type or two, in that case, please share via comments.

Author Bio:- Mustansar Farah is a blogger (a moody one at that). She runs a discount codes website with various types of coupons and discounts for software, like Acronis, Norton 360, or System Mechanic.


  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    Hi Mustansar,
    I agree with you on the part about the organized bloggers. I guess if I were a serious blogger, I would categorize myself as an organized blogger – not that I call myself organized – but because of the description you put about having a full time job and making blogging as only a part time activity. 🙂

  • Ritesh @ TechSpacia

    I am Organized blogger 🙂

  • I think I fit in many categories like moody, amateur, compulsive yet not organized

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