Faststone Photo ReSizer- A Good Image Compressor Application

Updated October 6, 2023

Previously i wrote about some free online photo resizing tools that helps in resizing images to your required width and height. That were online available application and you can use them in your browser, however if you want of re size, rename, crop, rotate and add other change to images offline then you can use Faststone. No matter if you have no access to internet, or due to any reason you are not able to connect to internet. Than you can use offline application for free, without any limitations. Well there are a lot of photo resizer available, but this one is really very useful and 100% workable application.

faststone image resizerFastStone A Popular Photo ReSizer

Faststone is one of the popular free application, that can be use to resize photos, crop and rename it and add text to a image. The latest version that is Version 3.0 is released on 28 April 2010. In which they added a new feature through which you can easily convert images to pdf files. (Don’t forget to check my previous post about free Online pdf to word Converters)

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The key features of Faststone Photo ReSizer are; Lead and Save settings, Rename Images with sequential number, It supports JEPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and JPEG2000, Replace and Search text in images, Support Non folder and Folder structure and a lot of more useful features. Apart from these features, FastStone is very simple and fast one. Try it and share your experience with readers.

Download FastStone Photo ReSizer

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