10 Essential Kitchen Gadgets

Updated October 6, 2023

If you live and breathe cooking, you’ll understand that any shop specialising in kitchen gadgets is the Mecca of retail establishments. It isn’t weird, it’s just … any artist should have the right tools to be able to perform at their best, right? It would appear, however, that the majority of so-called kitchen gadgets fall under four main headings: novelty ice cube trays, coffee makers, measuring devices and one show wonders. While some of these items are breathtakingly awesome, there is a limit to how useful four types of gadget can be. Especially when one of those only makes ice cubes.

Here is a savvy collection of 10 essential, and most importantly, useful kitchen gadgets available at the present time. Included in the ranks is lip service to the all-important coffee makers and measuring tools, but only one or two, remembering that not everyone drinks coffee, and not everyone has hot enough summers for endless gummi bear shaped ice cubes. In fact … ice cubes are not included.

1# The Garlic Rocker

Garlic Rocker

Set to be a design classic, this simple item is a piece of die-cut bent metal with ergonomically shaped thumb holds. Place the hapless clove of garlic under the holes at the centre of the rocker and press down. The crushed garlic will escape through the holes on to the top of the rocker, for you to scrape off and add to whatever dish of culinary delights you wish.

2# Spritzer

Citrus Spritzer

The Citrus Spritzer is similar to the puncture-and-pour portable spouts we used to use on Tetra Pak juices. You puncture the citrus fruit with the sharp end, and spray the juice from the nozzle end. Perfect for lazy salad dressing, a shot of juice to give your water an edge, and any number of desserts that require citrus. Especially useful for metering the amount of lemon juice you need for the glaze of lemon drizzle cake.

3# Onion Goggles

Onions Gadget

There are few folks out there who have not suffered from the pain delivered by a kicking, spitting onion. Need we say more? Wear them and smile while you chop.

4# 3-in-1 Breakfast Station


True, the 3-in-1 Breakfast Station is a one show wonder with a difference (the one show is breakfast, but it does three items at the same time), but it’s got charm which is duplicated by its tiny size: it only takes up about the space of a medium sized toaster. You can toast your bread or bagel in there, possibly even cook a sausage, fry an egg, and make your coffee … simultaneously. Considering that breakfast is the time when most people have the least amount of interest in food, it’s a pretty good idea.

5# Pluck – The Sunny Side Out Egg White Separator

 Pluck Sunny Side Out Egg Separator 2

White only omelet is touted as the next best thing to a protein shake for the super fit and healthy. With this in mind, the Sunny Side Out Egg White Separator has been designed to quickly and cleanly pick up the yolk out of the white and place it elsewhere. However, for smart cooks, there is much more around this. Egg separation is one of those fights for the perfect gadget. One slip and the sharpest edge known to avians will pierce the yolk membrane and ruin the meringue or other egg white creation. Not any more.

6# Tether


The Tether is a piece of clever design, aimed at preserving your wine glasses while still being able to put them in the dishwasher. A flexible plastic rod, hollow on the inside, fits over one of the spines which make up the glass and plate holders in the dishwasher. The other end has a clip which fits round the glass stem. The Tether stabilises the glassware so that you don’t hear that horrible crash half way through the cycle. Good idea, unless you really wanted to wash 20 wine glasses after an evening in with friends.

7# Digital Mixing Bowl and Kitchen Scale

 Digital Mixing Bowl and Kitchen Scale

Here is a measuring device which doesn’t look like a scale and neither does it talk to you (some of them do!). It’s a solid mixing bowl with an inbuilt kitchen scale. It has the ‘tare’ function so that you can add to the mix without having to do some complicated maths and you can separate the two parts if necessary.

8# Bobble Jug (Water Filterer)

 Bubble Jug

The Bobble Jug is a straight forward clear jug with a bright coloured carbon filter in the lid. All you do is fill it with tap water and pour out a glass, free of chlorine and other nasties that occupy our H20. The filter starts its work when the water enters the jug, so you can remove the lid after a short while and you’ll still have the same fabulous taste.

9# Veggichop


Without the use of electricity, you can shred as much vegetable matter as you require for your salads, using the lovely Veggichop. It’s a hand driven mixing machine, and will even crush ice if you are so inclined.

10# Vacuum Brewer (Coffee)

Vacuum Brewer (Coffee)

This lovely piece of design engineering is just what a kitchen gadget is about. It creates something fabulous for your stomach and your taste buds, but is still as beautiful as the most gorgeous blown glass bauble. Vacuum brewing is hailed as one of the most sensitive ways in which to extract the gorgeous aromas and flavours of some of the most delicate coffees in the world. Why not have one in your kitchen?

Author Bio:- This post was written by Mark Reeves exclusively for TechMaish, on behalf of Glotech.co.uk, who specialise in household appliance and white goods.

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