Android OS vs Symbian and iOS

Updated October 6, 2023

The development of Android application is a process in which new applications are created for Android OS. With the help of Android Software Development Kit various Applications are developed in the Java IDE. Nearly 200,000 applications have been developed by the Android developers since the commencement of Android technology which makes the Android Phones smarter and worth giving a try. The development of Android has given the applications a mushroom growth which is helping the customers to use those applications in their daily routines; helping them in activities of house and the business activities. The year 2010 proved to be a golden year for Android technology which gave it a boom in comparison to Symbian and IOS.

android vs ios

Why Android is better than Symbian OS and IOS?

1. Better User Interface

The user interface of Android phones has been developing and refining continuously as compared to IOS. Google has made its Android 4.0 much more user friendly and innovative in terms of user interface. The most important feature of the Operating System is navigation buttons making navigation easier for the user while browsing through the phone. IPhone has got one navigation button and that is the Home Button. Android phones have other buttons too like the multitasking buttons, the menu buttons and the back button.

2. Speed of the Processor

Android phones are simply the best in comparison to the Symbian and IOS due to its fast processor speed. Android phones have got dual-core processors as its processor which further simplifies the processing of apps and boosts the speed of the processor.

3. Speed of the Internet

The browser given by the Android phones is the best as it has got algorithms which are simpler and fast whereas the Symbian and Iphone Operating System have got complicated algorithms which make its browser slow. The browser of Android has got visual bookmarks that can be used easily giving an embellish   flow on the information part.

4. More applications

The Android is produced by the behemoth Google which supports 500000 applications whereas the Symbian is generated by Nokia having limited applications which makes them NOKIA-dependent. Android supports all the apps which are created by Google such as   Google earth, Google calendar, voice and translator of Google. Android phones and tablets also support Google chrome as its browser. So Android has got a vast pool of apps in comparison to Symbian and IOS which makes it the winner in market.

5. Change firmware

The operating system of Symbian and Iphone never allows you to change the firmware at any cost but Android allows you to change the firmware at your will and also permits to install as many updates you want to bring in more credibility to the applications.

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  • I had mine Symbian powered Device way back in 2004, the Nokia 6600,
    Symbian was the top OS for Smartphones till Android was implemented.
    Now i love to use Android on my Galaxy Ace.

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