Types of Email Marketing Messages

Updated October 6, 2023

Email marketing by definition and reputation is about as far away as you can get from the reams of spam in your junk mail box. The campaigns themselves are extremely well thought out and only willing customers are fed with news tailored to their interests. This particular form of direct marketing is also cost-effective and easy to measure in terms of success, meaning that any gains are clear to see. However, you wouldn’t invest in a service unless you knew exactly how it worked.

You might think that email marketing is for a specific type of company, but it’s more than likely you’re sending out the offline equivalent of targeted messages on a day to day basis. Here are a few options that you can pursue in your very own campaign…

email marketing messages

Special offer/promotion

First and foremost, success in email marketing isn’t based on frequency. In fact, your customers will probably opt out of the mailing ring if your messages pass through their mail boxes too often. Every email you send out therefore must serve a purpose and offer something to the consumer.

Bearing this in mind, news of a promotion or sale is ideal given that you can grab their attention with a headline; creating an immediate connection. Think of your message as a print advert, which alerts the consumer of its presence before offering them a chance to follow up their initial interest – all through email marketing services. UK companies seem to be rating their chances of success with this model; so should you.


Aside from any one-off special offers/promotions, you could focus on improving your customer retention with a monthly newsletter. Subscribers will be able to keep on top of any new products you’ve added, or maybe even a few examples of positive company news. Their sign-up indicates that they want to hear from you, so an occasional update covering recent company happenings might be of use.


You’ve also got the video version of a newsletter, which is becoming increasingly popular in the email marketing world. It works much like a company update, but it uses short video clips to announce any offers, rather than bold text formats. This being a suitable option for your business is likely to depend on the customer you’re looking to attract, though. A video could be more effective when targeting those between 18 – 30, but it’s unlikely that members of older generations will be interested.


Any recipients of your marketing emails are more likely to forward the message if they find it particularly interesting or entertaining. You could therefore distribute something with the sole purpose of getting it beamed across the web. Remember, good, innovative practices of marketing don’t often go unnoticed in the online world. If you’ve got an interesting idea to increase brand awareness, it might work best in an email campaign.

Examples of potential viral emails are how-to guides, tip lists or creative video clips.

Author Bio:Stuart is a digital marketer who writes about many topics and has an interest in email marketing services in the UK. When he is not sat at the desk you may find him enjoying walking his deerhound on the south coast of England.

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