How to Completely Remove Samas Ransomware from Windows?

Updated October 6, 2023

Looking at the way the last few months have panned out it won’t be an exaggeration to state 2016 as the year of Ransomware. Many new Ransomware have come into the market with each taking the plus points and eliminating the limitations of its predecessor. Samas Ransomware is another malware which has made life difficult for the Cyber Security Companies.

Looking at the pros and cons of Samas and it epitomizes all the traits of a common Ransomware. In addition to employing the attacking route of email – via a junk email attachment, some third-party freeware also contain Samas. Thus, whether you click on the Email attachment – or run the freeware on your computer, Samas Ransomware will encrypt the important files of your computer.

Samas Ransomware not only attacks your documents but it has also displayed the capability to encrypt the audio video files, pdf documents, movies, and effectively all types of files that could be downloaded in a Windows Operating System.

After the Ransomware has penetrated the security layers of your computer, you will start to notice the ramifications. More and more files would hang your computer and won’t open even after multiple attempts to do so.

Afterward, you’ll receive an Email from the Authors of the Samas Ransomware which will guide you through the payment process. This, in other words, means that it will tell you to pay the money upfront if you want to get back your files. And if you fail to pay the money within the prescribed time period, Samas Ransomware will destroy your files. This virus works similar to the cerber ransomware which also demands ransom for unlocking your files.

While you might concur from the aforementioned statement that paying money is the only feasible option to get back your files, let me tell you that the history of Ransomware attacks suggests us that making payment won’t guarantee you anything. Thus, if you follow my opinion, NEVER give any money to such hackers as it will only fortify their resolve of milking more money from you.

Instead, go for the elimination of the Samas Ransomware from your computer. Believe me that by following this route, you’ll have a much better chance of decrypting the encrypted files than by making a payment. Once you are sure that your computer has got rid of this malaise, employ the services of some famous Anti Ransomware tool to get back your files.

Technical Specs of the Samas Ransomware

As suggested by the aforementioned description of Samas, it is a nasty virus. Cyber Security Experts classify it as a Lock virus because of its capability to lock down your system to get money. Thus, in the form of Samas Ransomware, cyber criminals have employed the traditional tricks of Ransomware to trick the money from innocent users.

In addition to encrypting the useful files of your computer, Samas holds nothing behind as it makes a threat to the victim. It will treat the user that any effort to remove it from the system won’t do anything but the permanent removal of their files from the computer. Thus, while you may think of it as a scene from a Hollywood movie, the aforementioned scenario might not sound too funny when you or anyone you knows is on the receiving end of it.

One more thing that highlights the destruction causing ability of Samas Ransomware is its ability to change the extensions of the encrypted files. By changing the extensions, Samas Ransomware only makes sure that you could not use those files until you pay the ransom. In fact, some of its victims have also reported that Samas Ransomware uses the name of a reputable Security Agency in order to get money from you.

Thus, making long statement short, never panic when your computer is attacked by such a malicious malware. Instead, if you want to really get back your important files, I would suggest you give Automatic Samas Ransomware Removal tool a go. As suggested by its name, the Removal tool would eliminate the dangerous files from your computer, thus making sure that you won’t have to pay the money to get your files back.

Routes Samas Ransomware could utilize to Enter your PC

In the dictionary of Ransomware, the word “entry” is synonymous to “Invasion”. Once it has penetrated the protection layers of your computer, it would only be a matter of minutes for the Samas Ransomware to encrypt all the important files on your computer. Thus, before we tell you about how to remove it, let’s discuss the various routes of Entry that the Samas Ransomware could use to invade your computer …

Social Media: If you’re a user who often visits malicious websites, dangerous web pages, phishing domains, allow me to tell you that you are a very easy target for Samas Ransomware.

Drive by Download: Whenever you want to download something from the Internet, make sure that you download it from a reputable website. By reputable website, I mean that a website which is authentic. Unsafe websites are the haven for Ransomware like Samas as their freeware software installers give this Ransomware a perfect cover up.

P2P file Sharing: Sharing risky programs, content which is copyrighted allow Samas Ransomware a relatively easy route to circumvent the security layers of your computer. And once it has bypassed the Antivirus of your computer, the next step for the Samas Ransomware would be nothing but to encrypt the files.

Spam Email attachments: Even though Ransomware like Samas are new in the market, utilizing Spam email attachment for their spread is a method that has been epitomized by traditional Ransomware like Crypto and many others. Thus, whenever you get an email from an unknown account, make sure to have all the security checks in place before opening it. This, in other words, means that you should not open it.

Removable devices: While all the removable devices won’t carry Samas, only those which will be infected will carry it. Thus, if you have a USB, make sure that it hasn’t been infiltrated by this Ransomware before using it.

Manual Steps to Remove Samas Ransomware

If your computer is displaying lots of advertisements carrying some sort of alert messages, it is a clear sign that your PC has been infected by Samas Ransomware. In fact, these ads are designed to let the user realize that there is some sort of problem with his/her computer. However, it is not that easy to erase these threats from your machine since they are crafted in a tricky way by hackers. But there is no need to panic and get frightened. There is still a way to get rid of these advertisements and clean your computer in a manual way. Just follow the following steps and clean Samas Ransomware manually.

  • Start up your computer in a safe mode and then keep on pressing an F8 key until your computer displays a ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ operation. Select it and your computer will now load only the important files needed to run the machine.

Safe Mode Networking

  • By pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del, open the task manager and keep on selecting all the Ransomware related files which are displayed over there. Then Click on End Task.

Samas Ransomware Suspicious Process

  • Open the Run Dialog box and enter ‘Regedit’ in it so that the Registry Editor is opened. Over there, search all the Samas Ransomware related registries and delete them.

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMain “Default_Page_URL”
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\msseces.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\[virus name]

  • Now go to the control panel via start button and click on Add/Remove Programs. Here you will have the option to delete all the infected files by simply uninstalling them from your computer. Just go through each software and uninstall any unknown application.
  • Make sure that you have deleted all the Samas related malware from your computer which includes files as well as folders by following these simple but effective steps.

How to Remove Samas Ransomware Automatically

Having a large number of users all around the globe, this automatic Samas Ransomware tool has proved to be an effective method against all sorts of malware. Adaptive to whatever the conditions might be, this tool can detect different malware and then remove them effectively. Very powerful and very useful, this application is certified as well by the concerned authorities.

So at a time when hackers are busy in developing improved malware which can be a real headache for common users, this Ransomware removal tool is very advanced when it comes to deal with the modern virus threats. Apart from its efficient working, one clear advantage of using this tool is that users can modify it according to their usage and hence solve their problem in an easy manner.

Another great feature of this tool is that it has proved to be a handy security system against such viruses which can be spread via the internet. When hackers can attack your computer via snatching your IP Address, this Automatic Samas Ransomware Removal tool prevents such attacks through it’s up to date separation system. Useful against different types of malware, this tool is equally effective when it comes against the likes of very powerful Trojan as well as rootkits malware. Talking about its working, this can scan your downloaded items, your computer memory, your browsing history and much more so that the computer can be protected from all sorts of phishing attacks.

Key Features of Automatic Samas Ransomware Removal

Following are some of the key features of this anti-Ransomware tool which characterizes this program in an imperious manner.

  1. When different types of malware disrupt your computer’s working by taking over the IP, the primary function of this removal tool is to make sure that it nullifies all sorts of attacks with a comprehensive strategy. This covers your registry entries, important files, process control documents and all such related data which can prove to be a disaster if gotten into wrong hands.
  2. You can also contact the helpline if the program fails to solve your concerned issues. Hence, if your problem is not solved at firsthand, you can still contact the help desk to get it solved via the experts over there.
  3. When the internet market is flooded with recent malware, this program deals with all the advanced malware in a stern manner. Against the likes of Trojan, bugs and even rootkits, this automatic ransomware Ransomware removal tool is your only and effective solution.
  4. When every antivirus developer expects you to scan your computer on a regular basis, you can schedule your scans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis through this tool.
  5. So if you have already installed automatic samas Ransomware removal tool on your computer, you can browse the internet without any sort of concern as it is the tool now that will do all the good work for you.
  6. Another stunning feature of this program is that it can keep the backup of all the important files on your computer and even if your computer gets attacked via malware, your data is safe as a house.

Guidelines to use Automatic Samas Ransomware Removal Tool

Step 1:  After downloading and installing the Automatic Samas Ransomware Removal Tool [SpyHunter], start a complete scan of your system to counter all threats which are already present over there.

Step 2: Apart from the complete scan, there is another option of a customized scan in this program which lets you scan selected files which according to you are behaving in a dubious manner.

Step 3: Through System Guard, this program keeps your important data under protection so that your PC cannot be overridden.

Step 4: Just as mentioned above, you can also contact the customer support helpline if you are not satisfied with the work being done by this program.

Step 5: As evident from its name, the network sentry guards your PC against unauthorized access.

How to make Browser safe from Samas Ransomware

In the modern era, The Internet has become an important tool in every day’s life. Ranging from homes to offices to every other place, The Internet should be there if one wants to perform his duties in a periodic manner. However, it’s the very same internet which can become a messenger as far as Samas Ransomware is concerned. So apart from removing this malware from your computer, don’t forget to follow these steps when you are browsing on the internet.

  • DON’T click on links which appear to be a slight bit of infectious.
  • DON’T believe on such messages which claim that they can fasten your internet speed in the same price as you are already paying.
  • Always double check before going for free software’s which are available on the internet.
  • Keep your virus up to date.
  • Use a trusted source to browse the internet.

Hope these steps will help you remove Samas Ransomware from your Windows. If you are still facing issues, feel free to post comments below.

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