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Bing Integrates With Facebook

This is guest post by Ganesh, who blogs at Axleration.com, You can also writte for TechMaish, Read Guest Blogging.

Bing is Microsoft’s lead search engine. Bing has been giving a tough competition to Google for all these days. Now Bing has taken a step forward by integrating its search with Facebook.

bing integrates with facebook

Now when you search for a person’s name or a product’s name in Bing, It will show you the facebook profile or facebook fan page of your searched keyword.  Interesting huh ?

Apart from this, it will also show you the likes of your friends on your search terms. This is a great addition to Bing Search engine, but this may rise some privacy issues. Facebook said that the search engine will only use Public data available on facebook and the search engine will not send any data back to facebook.

Bing has evolved into a more social search engine. Now it can say itself as the best people search engine on the planet. We are so eager to know about what Google is going to do on this move of Bing. This new feature is available currently in the US alone. This will be extended to the rest of the world soon.

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