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Updated October 6, 2023

There are a high number of bots present on the internet today and in order to deal with this issue, Google introduced a new verification service in 2007 known as “reCAPTCHA”. This service prevents bots from entering the website but recently it became increasingly frustrating for humans and refused to give them access easily.

Due to this, many Twitter users started to complain about the displeasure this service was causing along with the error in the entire system. There were some hilarious reactions as well but the serious ones were angry and started to tag “Google” in every tweet. However, this did not bother Google at all and the reCAPTCHA is still not fixed.

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GeeTest reCaptcha

This is when GeeTest came into play and with their smarter and more efficient Captcha system, bots will stay far away from your website. Read on below to learn more about GeeTest and how it works.

What Is The Main Issue With reCAPTCHA Service?

Advance reCaptcha

Even though there has been a surge in complaints about Google reCAPTCHA recently, the main issue is still a little confusing for many people. So what exactly is the problem and how does this service work? Continue reading to find out!

Well, CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to figure out Computers and Humans Apart. It is a spam protective service and since automated bots can be very annoying, this CAPTCHA concept was a hit when it was first released.

However, over time this service started to deteriorate and instead of verifying once or twice, this service continued verification up to six times. This led to people quitting the website instead of waiting for the verification to be over, hence reducing traffic to the page.

In some cases, even after the verification was completed six times, Google refused to give you access to the page and simply said “We’re Sorry.”

Some users even had issues with the reCAPTCHA images and claimed that the images did not match what they were supposed to look for. An example of this was pictures of trucks present whereas the verification task was to click on stairs.

How Can You Fix The Issue With reCAPTCHA Service?

In order to fix an issue with this service, you have three troubleshooting methods that you can follow. These include the following:

  1. Check IP Address

The main reason for Google denying access to a particular website is due to the IP address. There are plenty of private and public companies that keep track of suspicious IP addresses which Google can access and so if there is any such activity from your IP address, Google won’t provide you with access. It will keep sending you reCAPTCHA messages and won’t let you verify it.

To fix this issue, simply use a dynamic IP address or disconnect your internet connection and connect it again for a new address.

  1.         Close VPN Service

VPN- Virtual Private Network hides your IP address and tends to route the traffic through a different area. This allows you to gain access to any blocked websites and at the same time keeps your IP address hidden for illegal activities as well. Sometimes Google can catch the use of VPN and so it doesn’t let you access basic websites through reCAPTCHA as well. So if you turn off VPN you can easily access those websites without any issue.

  1.         Update Google Chrome

Another very common reason for reCAPTCHA to not work is due to an outdated version of Chrome. If you update this web browser, you won’t have difficulty with verification. Simply go to the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of Chrome. Click on the second last option that says “Help” and then choose “About Google Chrome”.

Now it will automatically find the latest update and install it making the reCAPTCHA site work fine.

Get GeeTest CAPTCHA Service

GeeTest Bot

As a website owner, your main aim is to make your website user-friendly and if Google reCAPTCHA service is not allowing that, then it is time to move on and choose GeeTest. A weak verification service can drown your business over time but with GeeTest you no longer have to worry. This service was designed in 2012 by Al-powered Slide CAPTCHA and is effective due to its unique verification method.

GeeTest Smarter Bot

So what is this unique method?

Well, instead of using visual recognition challenges, GeeTest verifies users by playing a fun puzzle game. These cognitive challenges are not only quick but also very efficient and fun and make the entire verification process simple for you. Your website visitors won’t have to verify themselves as humans four to sixties and instead simply be verified once.

In the meantime , the ultimate user experience and information security have always been what GeeTest pursues and takes action to do.GeeTest strictly abides by the statutory provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and believes that securing user data against unauthorized access is more important than ever,so there’s no worry about user’s information security.

Rich experience and strong data provide the safest guarantee for your business, GeeTest has been deeply involved in the field of behavior analysis for 9 years now, serves over 320,000 businesses globally, and processes over 1400,000,000 inquiries each day.

GeeTest Slide Bot

 The most classic product of GeeTest – slide CAPTCHA

So choose between the different CAPTCHA services GeeTest provides and make your website more accessible to all!

Bottom Line

If you are tired of the lagging reCAPTCHA service provided by Google and do not want to go through the trouble of reCAPTCHA service, then opting for GeeTest service is ideal for you. It is very efficient, affordable, and user-friendly making it great for website owners. With this service, you can get healthy traffic onto your web page and make your business bloom!

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