How to Earn Money from Bukisa

Updated October 6, 2023

earn moneyUpdate: 29 June 2022 – Bukisa is no longer offering revenue sharing model on its website. In fact it is sold and the new owner has started a new blog on it. If you are interested to earn money online, then I recommend to go through Clickbank money making method.

Bukisa provide you an easy way to earn money from internet. Just write articles for bukisa and get paid for your articles. The more you write, the more you earn. You need the ability to write and optimize your article and that’s all.For new bloggers it is very difficult to earn money from there new blogs, because there blogs are not popular to get huge traffic. There fore Bukisa provide a free platform to earn money from internet. The current PR of Bukisa is PR 5, which means that your article will get high SERP.

How to Earn From Bukisa?

The procedure is very simple to earn money from bukisa. Just write a article (Minimum 250 words and Maximum 1000 words) and publish it in appropriate category. After publishing a article, just promote your article in any Social Bookmarking website, like, etc… and watch your earnings.

Currently Bukisa pay $3.40 per 1000 unique views. It means that when your article will get 1000 unique views, you will get paid $3.4 in your Bukisa account.
Join Bukisa Here to Earn Money from internet

It will not take more then 10 minutes for you to write a good and quality article. The more you write, the more you earn. This is a shortcut way for newbies to earn money from internet, without investing a single pinny. The only thing you need is a well optimize and search engine friendly article and that’s all. Then there is no need to start your own blog and earn from adsense. If you have the ability to write then start with bukisa, so that you can earn fast.

This is also the fact that blogging is more profitable then any other business. Instead of writing for bukisa, if you will write for your own blog, then this is your long term investment in your blog.

But if you need short term investment, then start with bukisa and earn money to start your own self hosted wordpress blog. Although you can also start free wordpress blog. But free blog has some limitation.

So join Bukisa and start earning money from internet without investing a single pinny. You have to just invest time to earn money from internet.


  • Touching Truths

    A very good information.
    I would like to introduce a new site which is also like bukisa. But it is just started in the last month. They will allow us to post article and get paid from advertisement programs. I have already submitted an article I got 36 impressions in the first day itself. Not bad.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    US Dollar is the main currency that is why paypal pays in $$. However they also pay in local currencies, but the option for limited countries.

  • paypal is good way and simple to receive payment,
    however the money will calculated as foreign exchange.

  • Marikxon Manurung

    Hi admin, thanks for providing these tips. I’ve tried it … but otherwise you can write articles also must have a paypal account for payment. And to create a paypal account must have a credit card … hmm seems to be quite a long journey.

    Marikxon Manurung

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