Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

Updated October 6, 2023


Javascript for Job

Nowadays, being able to write a proper compute program has been a necessity. Computers have entered almost every industry. So, if you can create amazing computer programs, half of the battle remains settled. Be sure to log online and get in touch with the best programming languages for you to learn in this year 2020. It will not just help you to be more productive, but you can end up being in the best job positions of all time.

One frontend programming language is JavaScript:

If you are here looking for a front-end programming language, then the first name that pops up right in your mind happens to be that of JavaScript. It is primarily used for designing some of the interactive frontend apps. For example, whenever you are likely to click on the button that opens up any popup, you get the logic implemented through JavaScript. JavaScript is known for its NodeJS, which is widely used by startup companies. It helps the developers who are using JS for the best ever server-side scripting. It helps in running scripts from the server-side for producing some of the dynamic web pages.

  • JavaScript is known for its highly versatile feature, which makes it a great programming language for start-up companies and existing organizations as well.
  • It is one major programming language of the web world and can help in reducing the webserver demand by being client-side most of the time.
  • You will be amazed to receive some regular updates through the ECMA specifications. You will also receive various add-ons like Greasemonkey for that extendable function to it.

The second one is Java:

Larger organizations are focusing on Java as another impressive programming language in here. It is mainly used for building some of the enterprise based web applications. It is pretty stable in nature, which makes more organizations rely on its uses. Whenever you are looking for a development based job, then you might want to head towards Java as the best option. The Java developers have many job opportunities these days because of the Android app developments. So, learning this language has its own perks.

  • Java is known to follow the OOP paradigm and comprises of stack allocation systems.
  • It has a higher degree of platform independence. For that, you might have to thank its JVM feature.
  • Java is a secured language because of excluding explicit pointer. It further comprises of security manager, who is held responsible for defining access to the classes.

Then you have Python:

The undoubtedly top name in the list of best programming language happens to be python. It is easy to use, fast and comes with an easy deployed programming language. It is widely used for developing some of the most scalable web applications. All the major sites like Instagram, YouTube and more are built on Python. So, getting hands on the best python software development services will help you big time. You will receive excellent support with the larger development community.

  • This python helps in creating and using classes and objects, which seem easy due to the OOP characteristics.
  • It comes with extensive library support and will focus on code readability. It even has the ability to scale some of the complex apps as well.

C and C++ is yet another option in here:

For another interesting programming language to look into, you have C and C++ to match up your choice. It is perfect for most of the lower-level systems, including the file systems, operating systems and similar other options. In case you are thinking of holding the post of system-level programmer, then this language is the prime choice for you to consider.

  • C and C++ are widely used by the competitive programmers these days because of the faster runtime and high-end stability of the language.
  • It even provides STL or the Standard Template Library, where you will get ready usable libraries for multiple arithmetic operations, data structures, and even algorithms.
  • This library is designed to support and even speed up the language for the higher frequency trading field.

These are few of the many programming languages that you must be aware of in 2020. Some of the other names to work with are Golang by Google, PHP, C#, and so much more. Try out all before coming to the best one.

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