5 Best Free Lorem Ipsum Generators for your Design Project

Updated October 6, 2023

Every designer on the planet will be familiar with the words ‘Lorem Ipsum’. It’s the most popular dummy text to use when you want to populate your design with copy. It helps bring your mockup to life and demonstrates elements such as font, typography and layout before your work has been touched by a copywriter. Lorem Ipsum has been in use since the 1500s, when an early printer used scrambled text to type set a sample book. Remarkably, it has survived the leap from the printing press to the digital age and remains essentially unchanged to this day. Here is a look at the five best places to find free online generators for your work.



By far the most popular resource – and in many ways the most reliable – is Lipsum.com. Lots of generators out there offer variations on passages of Lorem Ipsum injecting humour, randomised words or embarrassing jokes that could break the professional appearance of your design.  Lipsum.com offers free of charge text that’s free from repetition, forced humour and made-up words taken from a dictionary of over 200 genuine Latin words and phrases.


blind text generator

This helpful tool lets you select Lorem Ipsum for all your layout requirements. It has ten options to choose from, including Cicero and Kafka dummy text, for an additional creative twist.



This website is a user-friendly resource for all web designers and graphic designers out there who rely on Lorem Ipsum. It’s particularly useful for creatives who need html markup; simply choose which html tags you want and the one-click generator does all the hard work for you.



This generator offers several features that you don’t get with other sites. It lets you customise your paragraph lengths and introduce lists and headings just like you see in standard editorial design. Loripsum.net also uses the complete text of Cicero’s De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (On the Ends of Good and Evil) to make sure you get different placeholders every time.



This quick and lightweight generator is free to download and can be used to generate text without an internet connection. Considered by many to be the best Latin text generator for OSX users, it can wrap generated text in HTML tags, supports Growl notifications and provides a random output using genuine Latin words; keep it in your menu bar for super-easy access.

And finally, something a little different…


Veggie Ipsum

A slightly off the wall Lorem Ipsum generator is Veggie Ipsum; the vegetarian dummy text generator. Created by Peopledesign, it’s a meat-free version based on the popular Bacon Ipsum that can be enjoyed by vegans and veggies alike.

Author Bio:- Julie writes on behalf of  a  print company she works in design and marketing. In her spare time she likes to learn how to code and plays the piano.

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  • Sai Kumar

    Hi Julie, Great list of Lorem Ipsum Generators. Presently am using Lorem Ipsum Generator Google Chrome Extension. I will surely try out the other Lorem Ipsum Generators which is listed above. Thanks for Sharing!

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