10 Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers [Updated 2022]

Updated October 6, 2023

The success story of the website Omegle is well-known, but there are several Omegle alternatives to chat with strangers besides Omegle. Conversation and talking to each other are essential parts of our lives. It’s an excellent opportunity to socialize, share information, and have a good time. On the other hand, there are occasions when we need to find a conversation partner willing to chat about anything other than the usual fare. If you’re uncomfortable talking to people you don’t know, switching to a different chat service may be best.

Omegle is a famous website that facilitates anonymous communication with people from all around the world and help to chat with strangers. Unfortunately, the network is poorly administered and rife with undesirables like hackers and snoopers. If this is an issue for you, check out this list of 10 secure and feature-rich omegle alternatives.

10 Best Omegle Alternatives to Check in 2022

1. Live. me

Live.me Omegle alternative


You can stream live videos to Live.me, watch other users stream live videos, chat in real-time with other users without knowing who is watching, and get paid by your followers.

Although the program requires its users to be 18 or older (or have parental consent), some minors (children and teenagers) utilize it nevertheless.

This is worrisome because it opens the door to comments that could be considered sexually predatory or cyberbullying of the one doing the broadcasting.

Not knowing who is watching your broadcasts raises privacy concerns, as does the possibility that information about those viewers’ clicks and interactions may be recorded and shared.

Unlike Omegle, which doesn’t charge anything, this software contains in-app purchases and live quizzes where users can earn real money.

2. Houseparty

Houseparty chat with strangers

PlayStore App

Houseparty is a platform for live video communication between large groups of people. The program supports group conversations with anywhere from two to eight individuals at once.

The group receives a notification if someone who isn’t a direct buddy joins the chat. You can prevent people from entering a conversation by locking it.

The video chatting app is excellent for chit-chatting with pals and is accessible to people of all ages.

Houseparty, purchased by Epic Games, is another Omegle alternative and different from Omegle because it already has built-in games that can be played with other people instead of just meeting them.

Houseparty allows you to instantly check who is online and begin chatting with them with just a tap.

If you’re both using Houseparty, your friend will be alerted when you get online and will be able to join any open conversations you’re holding with other users.

While Houseparty is great for off-the-cuff chats, it shares Omegle’s privacy concerns. Houseparty works on any operating system, including macOS, and there’s even a Chrome extension.

In contrast to Omegle, which is only available on PC, Android, and iOS, this implies additional platforms on which to access the app whenever you choose.

3. YouNow

Younow Chat

Website | PlayStore App

Live videos may be shared, discussed, streamed, and watched from the same app called YouNow.

You can start chat with strangers straight away on YouNow, just like on Omegle; however, unlike Omegle, the aim is to gain a large following and get viral.

Users can watch, comment, and buy gold bars to donate to others simultaneously. The minimum age to use the messaging app is set at 13.

YouNow is unlike Omegle in that it does not necessitate registration before chatting; nonetheless, registration is still required.

You can differentiate your YouNow and Facebook/Twitter identities by changing your username on YouNow, but privacy concerns persist across both networks.

Even though there is no monitoring guarantee, YouNow has more strenuous guidelines that prohibit sexual content, nudity, and bullying.

Although there is no way to guarantee that you will not encounter offensive live content, you can ban individual viewers and report violations of the community guidelines.

You maintain ownership of the content you share, but by sharing it, you agree that the app may use the videos in any way they see fit.

If you want to be alerted when your favorite broadcasters go live, you can add them to a “favorites” list. More so, if you have a lot of viewers, you can trend and buy gold bars to give as presents to other broadcasters.

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4. TinyChat

TinyChat Best Alternative for Omegle

Website | Playstore App

TinyChat is an alternative chatting platform with 12 video feeds per chat room. It’s free to use, like Omegle, and you can invite individuals you already know to chat with you in your private space, where you may start conversations and discuss themes you choose.

There are more than five million daily airtime minutes of video and voice conversation on the platform, making it the largest of its kind on the web.

There are many of them, and you can even locate ones created by people in your neighborhood.

If you don’t find a suitable topic, you can make your own, and TinyChat also allows you to watch live broadcasts of shows. TinyChat, like Omegle, is a simple way to meet new people online using your webcam, as it supports both voice and video chat and text.

TinyChat, like Omegle, is accessible through a web browser, desktop computer, or mobile device.

On the other hand, Omegle does not provide users with the opportunity to earn cash and points in exchange for unlocking unique achievement icons or advancement in the live directory.

In addition, for the low, low price of 500 coins, you can have your chat room advertised on TinyChat.

TinyChat, in contrast to Omegle, which does not require registration or account creation to become a genuine user, requires users to sign up for an account, and users must be at least 13 years old to do so.

5. Chat-Rooms

Chat-Rooms for Chatting with Strangers

Website | Playstore App

Like Omegle, Chatroulette lets you use your webcam to have random video conversations with strangers.

Using the same Russian roulette mechanics as Omegle, the service links users with strangers over video chat or text chat.

If someone doesn’t like what you’re doing or saying on Chatroulette, they can end the chat by clicking the “kill” button.

Also, unlike Omegle, which doesn’t provide any supervision over inappropriate content, Chatroulette may filter violating or offensive content, making it much safer.

Omegle, like Chatroulette, is a service that allows users to connect randomly with others worldwide.

You can’t be confident of your privacy when using the latter because they don’t provide access to their terms of service, privacy policy, or other data usage agreements through any page or link on their site.

In contrast to Omegle, which does not necessitate registration, Chatroulette requires both registration and acceptance of the terms of service before you can begin using the site.

6. Monkey

Monkey Chat rooms

Website | Playstore App

Monkey, a smartphone app, is similar to Omegle in that it pairs users up with random strangers for video chats, but it uses a more sophisticated matching algorithm. Those who want to connect with others their age can do so using the app.

It’s safe to be yourself on Monkey, where you and your friends can join live video chat with strangers. Since this offers a platform that celebrates uniqueness and self-discovery, it facilitates online socialization and making new friends.

You can accumulate bananas and redeem unique goods which aren’t available on Omegle, making this app the quickest, fastest, and most enjoyable way to meet new people online from all around the world.

The 10-second limit on live video chats in Monkey after connecting via Snapchat is another way it differs from Omegle.

In addition to swiping cards to add or message new friends, you can also personalize your profile by adding a song or custom mood that will play when other users see your card.

7. Yubo

Yubo Chat with Strangers

Website | Playstore App

Formerly known as Yellow-Make new friends, Yubo is commonly referred to as the “Tinder” of the young crowd.

On Yubo, users can swipe left to pass on a profile or right to accept it, and if they both get it, they can start chatting or hooking up through social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Through genuine conversations and shared viewing of content, the community facilitates meeting like-minded individuals.

Like Omegle, this lets you enter your likes and dislikes to find a conversation partner, but unlike Omegle, the focus here is on finding new friends rather than live streaming or sharing videos.

Using Yubo, people can meet new people in their immediate area and speak with folks from all over the world.

The app is costless but unlocks additional features by purchasing a “Power Pack.”

Yubo has specific capabilities that Omegle doesn’t, such as sharing YouTube streams with other users so you can all laugh at the same videos. Also available for streaming and sharing is video game material, music videos, how-to guides, and videos from your favorite vloggers.

In addition, Yubo offers Lenses in collaboration with Snapchat, allowing you to utilize your camera and video chat to experiment with different filters and then either save your new look or share it with your friends in real-time for some added silliness.

Friendships can flourish when persons with common interests in the visual and performing arts, fashion, the performing arts, music, travel, and film come together.

8. MeetMe

MeetMe is best omegle alternative

Website | Playstore App

MeetMe is an online community for chitchat and making new friends. Even though it’s not meant to be a dating service, users can still appreciate one another in private.

MeetMe is geared toward social interaction, while Omegle is more of a place to chat and watch videos.

The app facilitates instantaneous video communication with like-minded individuals anywhere in the world.

Over 100 million people use it daily to send messages, watch videos, participate in live streams, and make new friends. Thanks to the sheer number of users, you can count on receiving prompt responses.

You can find and talk to anyone online using MeetMe or Omegle because they are both open networks. This can be a gateway to negative experiences, especially for younger users.

MeetMe, in contrast to Omegle, which does not require registration, requires more information before use.

Your first name, last name, and postal code are required, or you may log in using your Facebook account.

The software also requests access to your location to help locate the most localized matches.

9. Amino


Website | Playstore App

The Amino app connects people based on their shared interests, making meeting new people with common ground easy.

You can follow other users, have a voice or text conversations with them, or even record and share video chats with them by joining or creating a group.

The software is similar to Omegle, except while Omegle is a web-based service that you can use on your computer or Android phone, Amino is mobile-only (Android and iPhone).

Amino is a social networking platform where users may connect with others who share their passion for video games, anime, books, and other topics.

Even though there are safe and welcoming communities, it’s important to remember that there are also those that may not be appropriate for younger readers due to their language, sexual content, or violence.

You can explore users and follow them, although it’s unclear whether users can disable public searches.

10. ChatRandom


Playstore App

If you’re looking for a fun and simple alternative to Omegle, check out ChatRandom.

The app’s success may be attributed to the fact that it facilitates communication amongst users worldwide and continues to expand its language and country support.

The program, developed in response to frequent rule changes on competing platforms, connects users via webcam with strangers.

You can interact with someone new, a group, or just those of the same gender (females or guys).

You can utilize an extra webcam and other features that ChatRandom constantly introduces to improve your chatting experience, and you can set preferences for the kinds of people you want to communicate with (video chatters, for example, or speakers of a particular language).

After its first release in 2011, the app has been downloaded and used by millions of individuals every month for instant messaging, dating, and meeting people they otherwise would not have met.

As with Tinder, swiping right on ChatRandom will link you with a new random user; however, Omegle does not have this function.

There are also typically thousands of individuals online at any given moment, all eager to speak and make new friends.

You’re free to talk with random people, filter potential matches based on their location, or maintain chats with people only from a particular region. You can spend hours inquiring about people’s thoughts and exploring potential contacts.


There are many well-liked social media sites from which to choose, but narrowing it down to the best fit can be a challenge.

Omegle is a famous anonymous video chat platform that provides users with a simple and accessible interface that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

All ten omegle alternatives provide comparable services and additional features, such as games, entertaining filters, and simple connections.

FAQs for Best Omegle Alternatives to Chat with Strangers

Omegle is best known website to chat with strangers without registration however, if you have already tried this website and can't find enough people to chat, then it is time to look for the omegle alternatives.

The list above has 10 websites you can try for finding new people to chat with them. I personally recommend TinyChat and MeetMe for good result. However, you can try any that is used mostly in your country.

Before chatting with a stranger it is always recommended to go through its profile and see if it has limited pictures. You can also save the pictures locally and then uploading to images.google.com to see if these are taken from the web. If the pictures on his/her profile are already available on internet, then it is a fake profile.


Scammers always try to engage you in conversations that relates to money or finance. It is advised to try to engage such person in normal talk to know more about their intention. In few chats you can know weather the person is interested in relationship or just trying to scam you.

Yes most of the websites mentioned on the list are free, however premium features are always available for more fun.

Yes you can use video chat feature on most of these omegle alternatives and find more about each other.

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