What Public Information Searches Reveal About People You Don’t Know

Updated October 6, 2023

You might see advertisements these days for free people lookup tools and websites of various kinds. Maybe you’re curious about them. If you go to one and check it out, you’ll see that all you have to do is put in someone’s name, and you can start learning about them.

You can learn about whatever public records tell you regarding the individual in question. In some situations, it makes sense to do so. You don’t want to feel like you’re spying on someone, but maybe you want to protect yourself, your family, or your interests. These websites can help you do that.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you can discover from one of these sites. Once you understand how to use one, you’ll likely want to go through this process every time you meet someone new.

Are You Dating Someone Who Already Has a Spouse?

People Search Cocofinder

A website like Freepeoplesearch.com can help you obtain instantaneous access to data. Why would you want that, though? The more you think about it, the more reasons will probably come into your mind.

For instance, maybe you meet someone through a dating app or website. Perhaps you talk with them on social media for a bit, and you seem to hit it off. You feel like you should meet this individual in person, but you’re still a little nervous.

You know what this person told you about themselves. You can see pictures of them on their social media profile, and you can see their marital status, which they’ve set to single. How do you know that’s legit, though?

Assuming you learned this person’s real name, you can type that into a free person lookup search, and you can find out whether they have a spouse. You can also find out if they ever divorced someone and whether they have any kids.

If this person told you the truth about their marital status, whether they had a spouse at some point, and whether they have kids from a previous relationship, you can meet them in person with no issues.

On the other hand, if you learn this individual lied about prior or current relationships, that’s an enormous red flag. You might cut off contact rather than meet up with them.

Do They Have a Criminal Record?

If you use these free person lookup sites, you’ll also find out that criminal records are usually public unless a judge sealed one for some reason. Often, you can find out about a person’s felonious past if they have one.

If you’ve met someone online, and you’re thinking about dating them or becoming friends with them, you’ll probably want to know if they ever did anything illegal or morally questionable. Maybe you find out they have a couple of speeding tickets or a minor drug arrest as a teenager. You’re probably fine with that.

You may learn this person killed someone, went to jail for thirty years, and that they just got out. That’s an extreme example, but it’s not inconceivable. If so, you’ll likely want to extricate yourself from the situation as fast as you possibly can.

Are They a Con Artist?

You might meet someone online, and they seem fun. You might bond over a TV show you like, or maybe you both have the same dog breed. Perhaps you foresee friendship or a possible romantic interest there.

You still don’t know anything about this person other than what they tell you. You’d like to trust them, but you know about online catfishing scams, and you know to remain on your guard.

If you put this person’s name into a free person lookup site, you may find they’re a notorious con artist. Maybe they spent time in jail for fraud or something similar.

If so, you know this person probably isn’t what they appear. They’re likely stringing you along by acting like your friend, so they can gain your confidence and trust. At some point, they’ll probably try asking you for money or try some other tactic to take advantage of you.

You’d like to trust anyone you meet online, and when you ask them about themselves, you’d hope they tell you the truth. Some of them do. Honest people still use the internet, and you very well might find some of them.

It’s better to check into people you don’t know, though. It might seem cynical, but it’s best to protect yourself in the modern era.

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