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Attention Bloggers! Scam Story about Advertising Offers by Scammers

I am writing this post to inform all bloggers that these days a lot of scammers are scamming blog owners on the name of “Advertising Offer” or “Interested in Purchasing Text Links Advertising” or Advertising Offer Follow Up” etc.. If you receive a email which contains any of the above statements or any statements that is offering you money in return of text links then reject the offer on the spot.

scam advertising offers


Because the scammers want to add there links on your blog and then keep you engage in discussion so that the links can spend some time on your blog. I am personally targeted by a scammer and i was sure that the guy is going to scam me, but i was just checking that how he scam peoples.

The guy whose email address is ([email protected]) offered me $380 for 5 links on my blog home page for life time. I agreed and added the links on my blog. The next day he send me a mail that the links are not on the proper location, kindly please add the links in sidebar.I change the location.. Similarly he send me daily emails about different things. His aim was to keep me engage for weeks so that the links can spend some time on my blog.

But i was smart and added the links with nofollow attribute.

And one day i received another email from another scammer and he also offered me a deal in the same way. That he is interesting in purchasing text links on my blog. This time i told to send me the payment in advance, but he refused. In short this is a group of scammer who scam blog owners and build backlinks and traffic from high page rank and high trafficked blogs.

Be Aware of Such Scam Offers

Adverting Offer Follow Up – Scam and Fraud

Interested in Purchasing Text Links – Scam and Fraud

Email addresses of the scammers who scam bloggers.

[email protected] – scam and fraud

[email protected]scam and fraud

I am writing the above information so that whenever a blog owner searches on google to find information about these email addresses and offers, he can read this post.

How to Avoid Such Scams?

1. First of all always remember purchasing and selling text links on your blog is danger for your blog. Google can impose penalty on your blog and you can lose your Page Rank.

2. In order to avoid such scams always ask for advance payment. Don’t provide your service to a unknown person without receiving your payment.

3. Google the name, email address and offer of the person so to find previous records of the person. For example if in the future this guy will try to scam another blog owner, the blog owner can find this article in google about the scammer.

4. Don’t deal with a person who has no online identity. First collect information about the person and then decide about the deal

If you have been scammed by any one, then feel free to write the details here so that other people can know about the scams. Let’s make internet a safe place so that every one can securely brows, shop and sell.

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