Is It Possible To Get Internet Service From Another Country?

Updated October 6, 2023

Internet service providers ensure that they provide the best services to their customers. In most cases, people tend to fall in love with their service provider. However, sometimes we have to move to another country for any reason. The problem is in finding the best deal and service provider without sacrificing quality or money.

Many service providers offer unlimited nationwide calling on bundles along with cable and internet as well. Top of the line names include Cox, Spectrum, and Mediacom. Nevertheless, the phone package is of no use when you cannot use it for international calling.

However, AT&T offers an international day pass offered at $10 allowing you to use your phone like you do it at home.  Roam anywhere in the world and call your friends and family without having to pay a lot.

With AT&T international day pass, the answer to the question “Is it possible to get internet service from another country” is clear. You can get internet service from another country. There are some other ways as well that we would like you to tell. Some of them are listed below:

Subscribe to International Plan with Your Carrier

As we have stated in AT&T’s example above, the ways in which you could get the internet service to access the internet that too while traveling. The international pass allows you to make unlimited calls in more than 100 countries along with unlimited texting all around the world. You can upload photos on your favorite social media platforms and browse the internet according to the data allocated.

What you have to look for is to check whether your carrier offers an international plan and if it does then subscribe to it before you go on a vacation.

If you do not want to bother much about searching online, try calling customer service and ask about international data plans. Get all the information about what will be the charges and how much coverage does it provide. It would be useful, if you were on a world tour, as you might need to arrange for alternatives in case the coverage is not offered in a certain country. If the data limit ends, you can top it up by renewing the package.

A similar plan is being offered by Verizon called TravelPass for $5 per day to use in Canada and Mexico. While if you go for a $10 plan, you can use it in over 100 countries. The best way to save data while traveling is to close the background applications and turn off mobile data when in an idle state.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Destination Country

Internet is prevalent in every country, and you can find plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, shopping malls, and airports. However, do keep in mind that there would be a 30-minute courtesy limit in some areas. In countries like Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland, public Wi-Fi is open to all while at some places you might need to ask for a password.

Airports, public libraries, and hotels are also a hub of public Wi-Fi where you can access internet without asking for a password. These hotspots are available freely, but keep in mind to take all the security measures before using public Wi-Fi.

For instance, if you are using public Wi-Fi to access banking data or transferring money, don’t forget to install Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your device. VPN will allow you to do online activities without revealing your IP. Some of the best Virtual Private Networks include NordVPN, Browsec, IPVanish, CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield, and ExpressVPN. You don’t need VPN all the time such as when you are scrolling your Facebook feed, reading Tweets from your favorite personalities, watching YouTube videos, or checking your WhatsApp messages.

Local Sim Card

A local sim card is another good option if you want to get internet service from another country. For instance, if Verizon or AT&T sim is available in your destination country, you could utilize it to enjoy surfing, texting, and socializing while on vacation.

However, if it is not available, you can simply check for a local sim that you can find in any departmental or superstore. One of the benefits of buying a local sim is that you can save plenty of money as compared to buying an international plan. Sim card approximately costs you $20 to $30. Make sure to do some research before buying a sim to enjoy seamless and high-speed internet connectivity. Ask local people or a storeowner to guide you in buying the right sim. You can even take help from Google and online reviews posted by customers.

Summing Up

In this technological and digital-driven era, having the internet on vacation is handy. Apart from posting videos and pictures of tourist spots, the internet also helps in navigating popular tourist spots. Moreover, shopping, sending money, and exploring more about the country is not possible without the internet.

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